Why is it better to get old?

Our society is getting older. At the same time, however, many aspects of everyday life are made for young and middle-aged people and are not designed for the limited abilities of older people. "Xenius" shows which solutions scientists are developing to make private and public spaces more age-appropriate and how it can be possible to stay mobile and healthy for as long as possible in old age.

In order to better understand the everyday problems of seniors, "Xenius" presenter Adrian Pflug puts himself in the body of an 80-year-old in the WohnXperium in Chemnitz. In an age simulation suit, he experiences the challenges older people have to master in a narrow bathroom, for example. Dr.-Ing. Thomas Löffler from the TU Chemnitz shows Adrian and Emilie how an apartment can be remodeled to suit their age. Do you succeed in designing the bathroom in the test apartment in an age-appropriate manner?

A self-determined life also includes mobility outside the home. The cities of Mönchengladbach and Arnsberg have developed various concepts to make public spaces more age-appropriate. How well is this accepted by the elderly?

Social contacts, a healthy diet, exercise and mental fitness also play a major role in old age. "Xenius" accompanies a pensioner to South Africa, who volunteers there to pass on his knowledge from a long professional life. Because the feeling of being needed also keeps you fit in old age.

Knowledge in 26 minutes - that is "Xenius", the workday magazine at ARTE that examines familiar and surprising topics from everyday life and the world of science and research. The Franco-German moderator couples Dörthe Eickelberg and Pierre Girard, Caroline du Bled and Gunnar Mergner as well as Emilie Langlade and Adrian Pflug experience science up close, discover what moves the world and meet leading figures from research. "Xenius" is science at eye level, well-founded, enriching and at the same time amusing.