What is considered too fast in a relationship

What do women want in a relationship, what qualities do they like?

What do women want - Gentleman, macho or the nice guy? Every man has asked himself this question before and yet it is difficult for you to decipher the phenomenon of women. The answer to all of this is actually quite trivial because what women Want is easier to understand than you think and they don't want a specific type of man, they want would rather like certain characteristics in the partnership and from the partner.

What do women want in a relationship?

Which man has not yet asked himself this question? You probably think that mystery woman is just unbreakable. But what women want in a relationship is easy to discover. There are 6 qualities women want in a relationship for it to be successful.

1. The feeling of love

The Feeling of love is the greatest good and should be present in every partnership. Women in particular see a benefit for themselves in the more modern, partnership-based relationship model, but also a solid basis for a healthy relationship.

2. Self-determination

Women don't just want own decisions but also have enough time for yourself. This also means that the partner can spend time without the other, has his own friends and also pursues his own interests. Put succinctly - a man

3. Support

Women want in many areas supportofYourpartner. This simply implies that the partner is interested in her job, supports her professional goals and also has her back in stressful times.

4. Women want trust

The expectation of trusting one another is very high. It goes with loyalty go hand in hand and not cheat the expectation. However, an important aspect is also in difficult times to stick together.

5. Seriousness

Women want to be taken seriously. Today more than ever. The picture of upheaval can be seen and this also applies to the partnership. Take your Suggestions, wishes and statementsseriously and treat your partner with respect.

6. Not to be taken for granted

One of the most important qualities that a working relationship must have. Women don't want to be taken for granted. In a relationship, you tend to adopt habits very quickly and then take them for granted at some point. So prove her wrong and tell her that you will be happy if, for example, she takes over the cooking in stressful times or does the Saturday shopping. The other way around, she shouldn't take you for granted either.
What women want in a partnership is actually trivial to make possible, but what qualities does a woman actually want from a partner? The top 8 traits shed light on what is most important to women.

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What qualities do women like in men?

Of course, every woman has her own individual characteristics and preferences - but there are also similarities. Here we have collected for you what most women want from their partner:

1. Show feelings

A real man does not show his feelings - this is the motto by which many men go through life. In fact, this was often learned in childhood. Showing emotions is often associated with weakness. Women want neither the macho nor the coward, but a partner who compassionate and empathetic is. This is also how you show your partner that you trust her and that you can open up emotionally.

2. Knowing how to listen

Women like men who listen, but they often complain that men don't do it. The male interlocutor wanders off, only listens with half an ear or does not memorize what has been said. That can quickly seem disinterested, even if that's not the case. Try to pay attention to these: Listen carefully to the person you are speaking to, make note of plans, names and appointments. Because that's what it's about: Your dream woman usually doesn't want any good advice from you, she just wants you to be interested in what moves her.

3. Reliability

The times when a few words and hard muscles dominated the image of men are long gone - today, values ​​such as reliability, emotionality and intelligence count. Women want a partner by their side who stands by his word, can meet deadlines and is there for them when they need him. Reliability is also very important when it comes to the family; Not only possible children play a role here, but also how they interact with parents and siblings.

4. To be able to laugh together

Both men and women want a partner with whom they can share the same sense of humor and laugh together. And that doesn't mean you both have to find every joke funny. Common humor means laughing at the same place in a movie, in a situation on the street, or sometimes even for no apparent reason and without looking at each other. Take your time and do something nice, watch your favorite comedy together and you will quickly see if you are on the same wavelength when it comes to humor.

5. Attention

Women usually don't want any big, dramatic gestures at all. Most state that small gifts are the best present in everyday life. Look closely: does your partner have a new dress, a new hairstyle? She is happy when you notice it and you pay her a compliment. You are telling her: I think of you, you are important to me. Small gifts such as a bouquet of flowers or a box of chocolates, maybe a little note in between, brighten up everyday life. And of course the most beautiful of all attentions: the three little words that so often mean the world - I love you.

6. Honesty

Honesty and sincerity are essential for women. Women don't want a man who plays them to make themselves comfortable. So say what you think, even if it may not always be what your partner is likely to want to hear.

7. Loyalty

Loyalty is particularly important to women in a partnership. Show her that she is THE one for you- Every woman is happy to receive this confirmation! Your partner must feel that she can let you go around the houses with your pals in good conscience.

8. Intelligence

Intelligent men work more attractive. That doesn't mean you absolutely need a college degree, but if there's something that you're particularly interested in and knowledgeable about, feel free to show it.

How do women behave when they are interested in a man?

There is no mistaking for you - you have been looking for a stable partnership for a long time, a serious bond that is designed for long-term togetherness. Especially at the beginning of a phase of getting to know each other, it is not always easy to say where you are with your counterpart and whether you have reached your dream partner. We'll help you interpret the signs:

1. She is constantly looking to be close to you

She gives you the Hand on arm, adjusts your jacket, in short: Your dream woman is looking for you wherever she can? This is a very clear sign that maybe even more is on the way.

2. Small mistakes? Don't even notice them

Women are demanding critics and usually don't let small mistakes slip away. If your dream woman has so many gaffe at all Not seems to notice, that is a clear sign that she is in love, is looking through the proverbial rose-tinted glasses and developing feelings for you too.

3. She finds everything about you interesting

She would like to hear all the old family stories, know exactly what you went through as a child and how you envision your future. Clearly, she wants to get to know the whole picture and everything from you Experienced. The idea is that she can imagine a life with you.

4. She wants to share your interests

Are you a passionate fisherman and often spend your weekends outside by a river or a lake? If your dream woman likes you once accompanywould like to, then mainly to Share your enthusiasm to be able to. This is her gift to you: I love your hobby because I love you.

5. Women who are interested support you

Be it an important presentation for work, a difficult meeting with the family or maybe sticking to your training plan: your new partner supports you with your problems or plans. She always has an open ear and is actively at your side. Behind this is an investment in a longer relationship.

6. You always have top priority

Your dream woman is very busy: she is successful at work, she does a lot of sport, has a large group of friends and spends time with her family. But no matter how much hustle and bustle she has around her ears: They always arrive first place.

7. She introduces you to her friends and family

When your dream woman wishes that you were your friends and family to get to know, that is a big step and a good sign. Not everyone is introduced to this intimate circle of trusted people, there is a serious interest behind it.

8. You belong to her

You are no longer just with the plans for the coming weekend, but also with longer-term projects involved. At the latest when it comes to planning your vacation for the coming year, you can be sure: Your dream woman would like to enter into a relationship with you.

No-Go's - what women don't want

  • enough of Distribution of roles - Women no longer want to be put in one category
  • A man who lies, cheats and the word loyalty never heard of
  • A man who does everything for you and, in the worst case, does the thinking for you
  • No communication - Women want to laugh together, talk about dreams and not end up in silence

Overview - What do women want from a man?

You have now read a lot about what women want from a partner when it comes to a relationship, what qualities she values ​​and how she shows her interest in you. You also know what women don't want. It is difficult to keep an overview and to take into account all properties and wishes. Therefore you will find here again in a nutshell what women want:

  • Reliability, honesty and loyalty.
  • Women love it when a man supports their dreams.
  • Women want to laugh together - the same sense of humor is essential.
  • A mixture of nice guy and bad boy - masculinity, tenderness, directness.
  • Women love a man's attention.
  • Women want support and at the same time they don't want to feel like they want to be the provider.
  • Accept it for what it is - after all, nobody is perfect.