What is good inventory management software

Use software for inventory management? A good idea!

Why buy software for inventory management?

Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in particular need efficient processes in their inventory management (WaWi for short) in order to remain competitive and to retain customers in the long term. Because large corporations have comparatively much greater financial leeway and are therefore more flexible.

It is all the more important that SMEs use a merchandise management system. Modern software efficiently maps all inventory management processes and thus takes care of you reliable flow of goods. Even more: It offers the possibility of creating important evaluations and analyzes for strategic planning. This enables companies to increase their performance many times over. The result: more enthusiastic customers, more sales.

The 7 most important advantages of modern software for inventory management

  1. Increase efficiency: They map your business processes optimally.
  2. To save time: You automate entire work steps (e.g. when creating offers and invoices) and thus save a lot of time and money.
  3. Ensure a high level of service: You are able to coordinate the daily flow of goods easily and reliably.
  4. Prevent financial losses: You benefit from a high level of inventory accuracy in the warehouse.
  5. Increase customer satisfaction: You prevent delivery bottlenecks and thus increase your response times.
  6. Maximum transparency: You can analyze business developments on a daily basis and thus take targeted measures to further increase your sales (e.g. optimize the range on the basis of sales distribution or special offers to the customers with the highest sales).
  7. Grow successfully: You increase the overall efficiency of your company.
The use of software for inventory management offers particularly convincing advantages to SMEs.

Which functions should a modern merchandise management system contain?

Professional inventory management software ensures that all goods ...

  • with if possible low expenditure of time and money transported to your company,
  • space saving and clearly stored and
  • in time to be delivered to your customers.

The scope of services must therefore optimally cover the 4 main task areas of an inventory management system:

  1. Purchasing
  2. sale
  3. warehouse
  4. shipping

The following functions are particularly important:

  • Customer, article and supplier management: A professional merchandise management system gives you the opportunity to clearly manage your customers, articles and suppliers. This is the only way you are able to optimally design your inventory management.
  • Warehouse management: In order to be able to operate profitably, you need intelligent warehouse management. This enables you to manage all stocks with the greatest possible accuracy in terms of quantity and value.
  • Clear order processing: The larger your assortment becomes over time, the more difficult it becomes to keep track of all orders. Modern software for inventory management ensures that all incoming orders come together at a central point. So you have everything in view at all times and can offer your customers smooth order processing.
  • Refill inventory automatically: As soon as items from your range run out, you have to reorder goods. A good merchandise management program automatically updates your inventory list for incoming orders and notifies you of any reorders that are due.
  • Easy creation of invoices and other documents: On the basis of received orders, you can write complete and legally compliant invoices. This works quickly and easily with just a few clicks of the mouse. You can create delivery notes and other documents just as quickly.
  • Dunning: An integrated dunning system is also important, which informs you of open items at regular intervals and sends reminders to customers who are in default. This is how you secure the liquidity of your company and remain solvent.
  • Evaluations and analyzes: With good inventory management software, you can analyze your data and create detailed evaluations. For example, you have the option of filtering out your articles or customers with the highest and lowest sales. This makes it easier for you to take suitable measures in order to be even more profitable in the future.
  • Serial and batch number management: Under certain circumstances it should be possible to manage serial and / or batch numbers with the merchandise management program. Item serial numbers are necessary, for example, if you need to be able to clearly assign sold items even after they have been sold for warranty cases or the like. Batch numbers come e.g. B. comes into play when a specific production unit is to be assigned a best-before date.
  • Web shop connection: Do you sell your products exclusively or additionally through your own web shop? If so, it is important that you can connect it to your inventory management software.
  • Checkout connection: If you run a retail shop, the inventory management program should offer the option of connecting one or more cash registers.

Why Lexware merchandise management is the best merchandise management program for your company

Our software solutions for inventory management are specially tailored to the requirements of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). they offer all important functions and thus help to simplify your day-to-day work many times over.

As the market leader in the field of commercial software for SMEs, we regularly adapt our merchandise management systems to growing needs of our customers. Every year we incorporate the most frequent customer requests into the software. A variety of Test wins and Awards of independent trade journals underlines the high quality our software for inventory management. You too can benefit from our proven products!

Our specialty: ERP software for SMEs

In small and medium-sized companies, the work processes from purchasing to warehousing to sales must be organized just as efficiently as in large corporations.

At the latest when you are dealing with a large number of suppliers, customers and orders and your flow of goods is continuously increasing, you will quickly reach your limits with conventional Excel tables or Word documents. It is therefore best if you decide to use a Lexware inventory management system at an early stage. Because with our software you can optimally design all processes and flows of goods from the first minute.

In the numerous test reports, the following advantages are particularly highlighted, which speak for our merchandise management programs:

Product advantageHow does Lexware ERP help me?
 Increase efficiencyOur merchandise management systems have a central database in which all important information on articles, customers and suppliers is stored. In this way, you can efficiently map all work steps.
 Inventory and stock assessmentWith Lexware merchandise management, both reservations and partial deliveries are possible at any time. For this purpose, the software controls the incoming goods, among other things. You will also be able to take inventory and carry out inventory assessments.
 Control and secure payment transactionsThanks to the 3-stage dunning system including arrears interest calculation, the management of SEPA mandates and integrated online banking, you retain full control over your income and expenses.
 More time for your core businessServices such as the parts list function or quick order entry ensure that you save a lot of work.
 Processes and numbers perfectly in view All data are fully linked and you can see them with a click. So you can easily create evaluations and statistics.
 Delight customers and partnersFor presentations to customers or business partners, our merchandise management software summarizes all information in a clear manner and, if required, displays it graphically (e.g. in the form of diagrams).
 Mobile data accessYou can also access important data with your smartphone or tablet. So you have z. B. the possibility of calling up the inventory directly when talking to a customer.
 Helpful interfacesPractical interfaces facilitate the exchange of data with your tax advisor, the tax auditor and the post office (for sending invoices).

All of this shows: With software from Lexware, you can map all processes in the inventory management of your company just as efficiently as large companies. So are you able to yourself to hold its own in the market and grow steadily.

To the Lexware ERP systems

Special software variant for retail

Companies from the trade and retail sector in particular need a smoothly functioning inventory management system in order to ensure their success. In order to meet the special requirements of this industry for a merchandise management system, we offer an extra variant: Lexware merchandise management premium. This software contains the following additional functions especially for retail:

  • Serial and batch number management
  • Cash register module with POS connection
  • Multi-storability
  • Commission accounting
To Lexware Warenwirtschaft premium

Do you only sell your products online?

Then our software for inventory management is just right for you. Because you not only easily connect your web shop to Lexware merchandise management, but also other sales platforms, such as B. Amazon or eBay. Your profit: You manage and control all of your marketplaces via a central merchandise management system. So you always have a full overview and can guarantee your customers a smooth order processing.

Buying guide: Find the right Lexware software for your inventory management in 1 minute

With our Lexi buying guide, you can find out with just a few clicks which of our inventory management programs is the right one for your needs.

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Lexware inventory management software in comparison

There is a huge range of inventory control systems on the market. In order to make it easier for you to choose the right solution for your company, we present a comparison of the functions of our merchandise management systems. We offer Lexware inventory management in 2 variants. Simply choose the system that best suits your needs and try it out for 30 days for free.

Client / server solution - clients can be expanded at any time
Workplaces in the network35
Income surplus account (EÜR)
All documents from the offer to the invoice, invoice correction and collective invoice
Resubmission of receipts, e.g. offers, order confirmations, etc.
Outgoing invoice book, open item list
Customer and supplier management with detailed view
Article and product group management
Ordering and warehousing including inventory
Electronic invoice dispatch with qualified digital signature, including free contingent
3-stage dunning process with arrears interest calculation
Parts list function and printout in the order
DATANORM modules 4.0 and 5.0 for the exchange of article data
Standardized eShop interface
Various evaluations, e.g. B. Overview of key figures
Mobile online access to your data, e.g. B. via smartphones, laptops, tablets or PCs
DATEV export interface for data exchange with tax advisors
Master data import, data export for accounting (ASCII)
Tax auditor export
Item reservation, backorder management and partial delivery
Warehouse journal
Serial and batch number management
Cash register module with POS connection
Agent commission accounting
to the productto the product

Are you still not sure which variant suits your company best? Then use our buying guide.

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💡 Why does it make sense to use software for inventory management?

An important advantage: You map your business processes efficiently. This enables you to reliably coordinate all flows of goods and save a lot of time. You can also analyze your business development on a daily basis. You can find further advantages of ERP software here.

💡 How do I find the right merchandise management program for my company?

When choosing the right merchandise management program, the requirements of your company are decisive. So that you can quickly find what you are looking for, our buying guide will take you to the right software for your inventory management in one minute. Try it now.