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Vacation in Venezuela: land of national parks and nature reserves

Over 60% of the country is considered protected, making Venezuela the highest percentage of nature reserves in Northern and Eastern Europe South America Has. In addition, Venezuela enchants tourists with its beaches, the jungle, the Andes and the highest free-falling waterfall on earth. However, Venezuela also has one of the highest crime rates in the world and is one of the most dangerous countries in the world. Therefore, you can find out here what to watch out for on your Venezuela vacation and, if you don't want to be put off by the danger, what to do in this one beautiful land with unique nature definitely not to be missed.

Located in the northeast of South America, you will Venezuela in your vacation cast a spell over you by the variety of landscapes and the warm hospitality of the Venezuelans! Let yourself be inspired by a varied travel destination that is still known today as Insider tip applies, and returns with it diverse impressions back from an unforgettable vacation in Venezuela!

The most important information about Venezuela at a glance

Around 31 million people live in the 912,050 square kilometer country. The language spoken is Spanish, paid with bolivar. The time difference to us is -5 hours. In general, if you are planning a vacation in Venezuela, you should consider the travel advice of the Federal Foreign Office.

Travel and immigration information for Venezuela

There are currently no direct flights from Germany to Venezuela. You can fly with Lufthansa to Miami, Panama City or Bogota and from there to the Venezuelan capital Caracas. Here you have a connection to Porlamar on Isla Margarita, among others. A visa is not required for vacation in Venezuela.

Weather, climate and travel time for Venezuela

Because of the varied geography there are no clear best travel time for vacation in Venezuela. You should only avoid that Rainy season from June to August. For a beach holiday on the Caribbean coast, you should choose the German winter (December to April).

Weather, climate and travel time for Venezuela

Because of the varied geography there are no clear best travel time for vacation in Venezuela. You should only avoid that Rainy season from June to August. For a beach holiday on the Caribbean coast, you should choose the German winter (December to April).

Is it safe to vacation in Venezuela?

A vacation in Venezuela is not safe! Since May 2016 there is a state of emergency for the entire country. There is an economic and medical emergency and there can also be violent protests and clashes. The Federal Foreign Office therefore advises against "trips to Venezuela that are not urgently required". For those who are still looking for a vacation in Venezuela, we have a few here safety instructions:

What do I have to look out for in Venezuela?

  • Always hand over a copy of your identity card at passport controls, even if you are asked by uniformed officers (otherwise you could be forced to pay compulsory levies or exchange money at exorbitant prices)
  • Travel from the airport with official airport taxis, try not to save and accept transport offers (taxi drivers are often involved in robberies)
  • Let your hotel recommend buses and taxis for you on the go, and do not use unknown transport offers here either
  • Always carry as little money or valuable items with you as possible (as there is a high risk of being mugged)
  • Be prepared for the fact that security controls are much stricter than international norms
  • Rule of thumb: If you should be ambushed, you should best do not resist


What must I have seen in Venezuela?

Due to the danger, comparatively few tourists visit this beautiful country, but Venezuela has a lot to offer! Here is a list of our all-time favorite must-sees:

  • Canaima National Park: Beautiful national park, which houses the Angel Falls or "Salto Ángel", which is the largest waterfall in the world at 979 meters
  • The Andes: One of the largest mountain ranges in the world and a paradise for nature lovers and adventure sports enthusiasts. With Pico Bolivar and the Andean city of Merida (with the longest and highest cable car in the world) Culture enthusiasts also have a lot to discover here.
  • The Amazon: Makes more than 20% of Venezuela and is one of the most biodiverse and least explored regions on earth
  • Isla Margarita: Dream island with over 50 beaches
  • Los Roques archipelago: Impressive national park, which is perfect for diving with over 300 islands and coral reef
  • Morrocoy National Park: Fantastic national park, which is known for its sandy beaches, typical landscape and species-rich fauna
  • Gran Sabana with table mountains: The The 35,000 km² plateau is the oldest on earth and is full of endless grasslands, tropical rainforests and impressive highland plains
  • Mochima National Park: Enchanting national park with mountains and beaches where you can see dolphins and whales


The best travel destinations for a vacation in Venezuela

Many people are drawn to Isla Margarita for a beach holiday. Venezuela also offers many great destinations for an active holiday:

  • The Sierra Nevada National Park is located in the central Andes of Venezuela around the 4,978 meter high Pico Bolivar and is ideal for hiking, mountaineering and horse riding.
  • You can explore the Orinoco Delta with its mangrove forests by boat in order to experience the incredible biodiversity in peace and quiet.
  • The Canaima National Park in the south of the country is a UNESCO World Heritage Site thanks to its unique table mountains (tepuis). The biggest attraction is Angels Falls, the highest waterfall on earth.
  • Venezuela shares the Roraima tepui with Brazil and Guiana. The huge Table Mountain in the Canaima National Park inspires with its unique flora and fauna.
  • In the El Guacharo National Park you will find the largest stalactite cave in South America, which Alexander von Humboldt explored.

With all of these goals, keep in mind that the condition of the roads is not really good and plan accordingly a lot of time. If you want to visit several national parks while on vacation in Venezuela, you should organize domestic flights with small planes and local pilots.

Isla Margarita in Venezuela

Isla Margarita is the perfect destination for a beach vacation in Venezuela. Along Playa el Agua and Playa Parguita you will find a large selection of hotels and resorts, restaurants and water sports. El Yaque in the south is considered the meeting point of the surfing scene. The island's capital Porlamar invites you to go shopping.

Los Roques in Venezuela

The magical holiday islands of Los Roques are a largely unknown idyll: Here you will still find deserted white dream beaches and excellent diving grounds.

Our pirate tip: Some simple accommodations can be booked on the only inhabited island of Gran Roque.

Venezuelan cuisine - food in Venezuela

The Venezuelan cuisine has done it to us! Some our favorite delicacies from Venezuela are:

  • The national dish Pabellón Criollo (a combination of black beans, plantain, rice and shredded fiber meat)
  • Arepas (our favorite !!), which are also available under the name "Arepas Dulces" in sweet
  • For hearty arepas we recommend Reina Pepida (chicken salad filling)
  • Carne Esmechada (plucked beef, you can also fill your arepas with it)
  • Hallacas (a ragout with beef and other delicacies in corn dough)
  • Mondongo (stew)
  • Pan de jamon (ham bread)
  • Sancocho (like arepas also a long-runner in Colombia)
  • And of course South American classics such as empanadas or dulce de leche

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