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Many dishes that are now classic Home cooking are counted, find their origin in the rural, regional cuisine. Since the peasant population was not very wealthy, what was prepared was what most of the country's own land had produced. For this reason, many dishes were created based on grain in connection with milk or dairy products and meat. Mostly you get the impression that the rural cuisine of that time is one-sided, but it was wholesome and better than any ready-made meal or take-away meal.

For every weekday, certain dishes were prepared in the rural population, which remained the same throughout the year. Dumplings, noodles, dumplings, strudel and meat days were inserted, everything according to the seasons.

Through careful processing and various spices, as many modifications as possible in the preparation were tried. Over the course of time, these have developed into the well-known home-style cooking with fine "delicacies" from the region, which are refined and often served on holidays.

Even in the upscale gastronomy, more and more attention is paid to the old, traditional recipes and they are pimped up with a few subtleties on the menu.

Many stews, many soup recipes, cakes, meat dishes or pasta dishes would not be available in regional form today if these dishes were not preserved. After all, every citizen mostly identifies with his or her origin and the childhood experiences he experienced and tasted with it.


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