How long does a term of office as president last?

US President

The American President holds the most important office in the United States: He is both head of state and head of government. For comparison: In Germany, the Chancellor is the head of government and the Federal President is the head of state. The US President represents the US worldwide, visits other countries and speaks with their presidents and heads of government. No law can come into force in the United States without his consent. He also makes many public speeches to make people aware of important things. All of this is one of the tasks of a head of state.

He determines politics

As head of government, the US president determines which problem solutions and laws his government should work on. So it dictates which policy is implemented in the USA. He is also the chief of the armed forces. As such, he determines the countries to which soldiers are sent to help or to fight.

A term of office lasts four years

To become President of the United States, one must be born in the United States and be at least 35 years old. In addition, one must have been resident in the USA for at least 14 years. Those who meet these requirements must then be nominated by a party and finally elected. The US presidential election takes place every four years. Re-election is only possible once - after eight years at the latest, the USA always gets a new president.

The list of US presidents:

From 2021 Joe Biden

2017-2021 Donald Trump
2009-2017 Barack Hussein Obama
2001-2008 George Walker Bush
1993-2001 William Jefferson "Bill" Clinton
1989-93 George Herbert Walker Bush
1981-89 Ronald Wilson Reagan
1977-81 James Earl “Jimmy” Carter
1974-77 Gerald Ford

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