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Translation of "Would you like bread" in French

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No, I would like to the loaf.
I would like to a loaf with pate.
This is such a matter of course that I should add would like to: loaf is vital.
I would like to like something loaf and salad cream.
Reverend would like to at the usual time loaf and take honey.
Do you want to nor the peanut butter, loaf and cigarettes?
In ancient Rome, gave they bread and games.
In l'Antiquité romaine, ils leur donnaient you pain et des jeux.
Yes, but if they bread it would look like this.
Please take You bread and salt received from the Cossack society!
His wife, in turn, has pity and secretly tries to alleviate a little the injustice her husband has committed by they bread, Gives eggs and ham from the castle to the sick and starving.
La Dame Uta tentait secrètement d'adoucir un peu les méfaits commis par son époux, distribuant du pain, des œufs et du jambon aux vicitmes malades et affamées ou pansant leurs blessures.
I want her gladly handed over to the President of Parliament.
Ever voudrais le remettre à la Présidente du Parlement.
I want you welcome to the audience.
I want you again ask to think seriously about it.
Ever voudrais vous Demander à nouveau de bien vouloir réfléchir sérieusement à cette question.
But I want her don't be taken by surprise.
Corn, ne voudrais pas la prendre au dépourvu.
Mr. President, me want you first of all congratulate.
Monsieur le Président, ever souhaite commencer par adresser des félicitations.
I want you correct, Madam President.
Commissioner, me want you like to ask two things.
Monsieur le Commissaire, j 'ai two questions à vous poser.
Now Do you want to control the page numbers a little better.
Vous aurez parfois besoin d'une plus grande souplesse lors de l'insertion des numéros de page.
I want you ask to clarify this point.
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