Why is smoked meat important

Cold and hot smoking - Simply smoke yourself

Smoking, cold smoking, hot smoking… .. Smoked meat is without a doubt a delicious specialty that you should try yourself. However, there are various methods of making these yourself. In general, there are three different variants. In addition to cold smoking, there is also warm smoking and hot smoking, each of which is suitable for very different things.

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Cold smoking

The process of cold smoking is mainly used when you want to make the food to be smoked for a longer period of time. Bacon and ham keep much longer with this variant. In addition, this process is also recommended if you want a spicy and aromatic taste for your food to be smoked. With cold smoking, this is not cooked because the smoke is a maximum of 25 ° C and is caused by smoldering sawdust. How long you have to smoke depends primarily on how often you smoke a day. The size of the meat is also decisive and determines whether the smoking process can only take a few days or several months. If you only want to cold smoke a little meat and relatively quickly, a cold smoke generator is perfect.

Cold smoke generator - easy way to smoke in the grill

Regardless of whether you want to smoke hot or cold: with a cold smoke generator - for example in the form of a smoker - you can turn your grill into a small smokehouse in no time at all. This is filled with smoking flour or smoking shavings and heated with a tea light or lighter. As soon as it has been made to smolder and the embers slowly eat their way from the outside to the inside, an economy fire is created.

What is a savings brand and how does it work?

The word “Sparbrand” can be traced back to the way the cold smoke generator works and has already become established in Germany. In an economy fire, the smoking meal or the smoking shavings burns very slowly and economically over several hours. The cold smoke generator continuously emits its smoke aroma and ultimately ensures the great smoky taste of the food that has been smoked in it.

Warm smoking

In general, hot smoking is carried out at a temperature between 20 and 50 ° C. Here the protein-splitting enzymes develop the popular flavor and also the tenderness of the smoked product. With this variant, in contrast to cold smoking, the smoked product is not only smoked, but also cooked. However, this also means that it cannot be stored for that long afterwards. Nevertheless, warm smoking is worthwhile if you want very tender meat that you want to eat soon. The smoke is usually produced by hardwood mixed with sawdust.

Hot smoking

Hot smoking is best for smoking food that is to be consumed shortly after the smoking process. Among other things, these are, for example, fish or sausages. The stove is heated to temperatures from 55 ° C over beech wood. The high temperature is so important because chemical substances that are in the smoke solidify the surface of the smoke and thus protect the smoke against harmful organisms from outside. With this variant, the meat is also cooked at the same time.

Are there differences in taste in the individual variants of smoking?

As far as the difference in taste between the individual processes is concerned, it can generally be stated that cold-smoked goods have a finer smoke aroma, but cold-smoking gives them a more intense taste. In general, however, it is difficult to generalize. If you attach great importance to the fact that products should last as long as possible, cold smoking is the best solution.

Here is a recipe for smoking garlic. Much more information about smoking.

Smoke ham

Smoking ham is something that many people would like to try for themselves - it is often not as difficult as you might think. If you want to enjoy good ham at home and offer it to your guests, you should try smoking. Ham is particularly easy to cold smoke. In the past, this variant was very popular, in contrast to hot smoking, mainly because of the longer shelf life it gives, but now it is mainly smoked because of the aroma and the beautiful color that it gives the meat. Cold smoking usually takes several days or even weeks, during which time the meat acquires a particularly fine and tasty aroma.

Smoking ham - this is what you should pay attention to before you start

If you want to cold-smoke ham yourself, the temperature must be as low as possible - it should be a maximum of 25 degrees Celsius. Up to this temperature it can be guaranteed that the protein contained in the ham does not coagulate and that it retains its shape. During the process, the smoking process removes water from the ham. The smoke also lays on the outer layer and provides a piquant, spicy aroma as well as a significantly longer shelf life. A low temperature is also very important in cold smoking because the meat products, which are still raw at the beginning, last longer - otherwise the food to be smoked can very quickly take on a sour taste, which makes it inedible. The same effect occurs when wet meat is smoked. In any case, make sure that the meat is dry on the outside.

This is how smoking ham works

The smoking process is started by attaching the ham to strings or a special meat hook, which can be tied through the rind. Either a smoking oven or a smokehouse are very suitable as a room. It is important here to make sure that the smoke can circulate well around the whole meat. A central position is therefore strongly recommended so that the entire ham is covered by the smoke. Of course, the ham can also be seasoned as you like - you can decide for yourself whether it is spicy, sweet or spicy. Caraway seeds, honey-mustard crusts and pepper mixes are particularly popular. A good, not too spicy seasoning mix consists of some grated ginger, crushed juniper, garlic granules, white pepper and curing salt. So you rub the ham before smoking and after a few days or weeks you can look forward to a unique, delicious aroma of the ham after smoking (preferably in a vacuum).

Smoke bacon

Smoking bacon is certainly something that appeals to many people - because delicious bacon with a smoky barbecue aroma is a real treat that is worth trying. For this reason, you can smoke the delicious meat specialty yourself, which is often cheaper than buying it in the supermarket. In addition, you have the option of giving the bacon your own personal, individual taste.

Smoking bacon - this is the best way to proceed

If you want to smoke bacon, however, you should be prepared for several days or even weeks - because the meat only acquires the fine, spicy aroma over time. Nevertheless, patience is worthwhile, because you will be rewarded with a unique, enjoyable specialty that tastes good in oven or pan dishes as well as on bread. A good tip for an aromatic taste is to wet-cure the bacon before smoking it. Typical Black Forest ham is usually smoked with fresh fir or spruce wood - bacon can also be refined with this spicy aroma. You also have the option of adding dried juniper branches or berries in ground form.

Cold smoking - ideal for giving bacon a good aroma

The most effective and simplest is cold smoking, which is carried out either in a smoker or, instead, in a special smokehouse. To do this, hang the bacon on a meat hook as centrally as possible so that the air can circulate around it. When cold smoking, the temperature should not exceed 25 degrees Celsius, and the meat must also be dry on the outside, otherwise it will turn sour quickly.

Tips for seasoning the smoked bacon

If you don't want your bacon to be very spicy, you can smoke it for a shorter time. The maximum smoking should not exceed three smoking cycles of about ten hours, otherwise the shelf life of the bacon will suffer. The curing with nitrite curing salt, which takes place before smoking, should not be missed, as it gives the meat a longer shelf life.

Fine spice mixes are the icing on the cake. For example, mixtures of ground cloves, caraway seeds, bay leaves, onions and cloves of garlic are aromatic. If you like, you can also add a little spiciness thanks to chilli. Once the smoking process has been completed, the bacon is left to mature for a few more weeks in the smokehouse so that it can soak up the flavorful aroma. Then you can look forward to a delicious, homemade specialty that is sure to impress guests.