Should I drink it for the first time?

The first time ... alcohol

Alcohol is the cause and solution of all problems, said serial beer drinker Homer Simpson. Whether at family celebrations, with friends or as a test of courage - the first time was not only a bittersweet experience in terms of taste, but also emotionally.

Alcopops and canned beer

Above all, sweet alcopops and the cheapest canned beer have shaped some initial impressions of alcohol, sometimes positive, sometimes negative. It is better enjoyed in moderation. A glass of red wine or a cold beer is now considered a luxury item and sweetens many a day's work.

According to OECD statistics, Austria ranks second in terms of alcohol consumption - only Lithuania drunk more. According to a GfK study, Generation Z of 15 to 18-year-olds seldom drinks, but they are less able to deal with the intoxicating effects of alcohol. "Binge drinking" does not only exist among young people, because an average of three percent go overboard - and that in every age group. When it comes to addiction and addiction, alcohol beats everything: 200,000 Austrians drink excessively.

The first hangover, the first film tear

Even if alcohol makes you looser and supposedly more self-confident, the day after always comes. "I'll never drink again!" is often the first thought when you wake up. Headaches, nausea and the clouded memory of the night before leave a bad aftertaste.

Do you remember?

How old were you when you tried alcohol for the first time? Did you like it straight away, or did you leave it straight away? Have you only got a taste for beer and wine over time? Can you still remember your first film tear, or at least the stories you were told? What unforgettable moments and memories do you remember in connection with alcohol? (luh, 04/04/2016)