What are some known bugs in Gmail

Known issues with syncing Google Accounts with Microsoft Cloud


  • If you're having trouble connecting your Google Account to Outlook, see Troubleshoot problems connecting your Google Account to the Microsoft cloud.

  • Using Apple Script to automate a Google Account is not supported.

  • Categories are not supported.

  • Tasks and Notes are not supported.

  • After you remove a Google Account from Outlook for Mac using Remove from All Devices, adding the same account can take up to 24 hours.


  • Creating, renaming or deleting folders (Gmail labels) in Outlook is not yet supported.

  • Moving email from another mailbox is not supported.

  • Attachments larger than 10MB cannot be sent even though the Gmail limit is 25MB.

  • You cannot mark a message with a reminder.

  • Captions in Gmail appear as a folder in Outlook. When you create or rename a label in Gmail, it can take up to 24 hours for the folder to appear in Outlook.

  • If your Gmail mailbox is large, the initial download of your full mailbox in Outlook for Mac may take some time due to data limitations on Google. You don't have to wait for your entire mailbox to download to use your Gmail account in Outlook. All new email messages are sent or received immediately. However, depending on the size of the mailbox, it can take up to a few days for older messages to become available in Outlook.

  • For information on where Gmail messages are stored in all email, favorites, and important in Outlook, see Changes That Show in Your Connected Gmail Accounts.

  • The Drafts folder is not currently syncing from Outlook to Gmail. However, Gmail is synchronized with Outlook.

  • Rules are not currently supported.

  • The shortcut key Command + SHIFT + DELETE does not work with Google accounts.

  • You cannot access attachments from an encrypted email. The plant is displayed as P7M.


  • To respond to meeting invitations from Google, the meeting must appear on your calendar. The Google Calendar Web App provides a setting that controls whether meetings appear in invitations on your calendar. This setting must be set to Yes in order to respond to meetings in Outlook. Go to Google Calendar in a browser and select at the top of the page Settings out. Then choose Settings > General > Automatically add invitations to my calendar. Select one of the "Yes" options for this setting.

  • Calendars shared with you in Google Calendar will automatically appear in the left pane of your calendar in Outlook. The button " open the shared calendar "does not work with Google calendars because shared calendars are displayed automatically.

    Note: There is currently a limit of 20 calendars for calendars that have been shared with you.

  • When you create an event on your calendar in Outlook, the default visibility is "public" regardless of your Google Calendar settings. To make sure the event is not publicly visible, right-click the event in the Outlook Calendar and select Private, or open the event and select the Lock icon on the ribbon .

  • Attachments to events are currently not supported.

  • When you delete a meeting, a reply is sent to the organizer even if you don't select in Outlook.

  • The "Birthdays" calendar in Google Calendar appears as "Contacts" in the left pane of your calendar in Outlook.

  • The Calendar "Weather" in Google Calendar does not appear in Outlook.

  • Adding Google hangouts to a calendar event is currently not supported in Outlook.

  • Rich content in calendar events is not supported, so the buttons under Format Text are dimmed.


  • Once you've added your Google Account, all of your contacts will be downloaded from Google to Outlook, but subsequent changes made in Google Contacts Web App will not be downloaded to Outlook for 24 hours. You can select the Contacts folder in the left pane, or you can right-click the Contacts folder and select Sync Now to sync immediately. Changes you make to contacts in Outlook are always uploaded to Google immediately.

  • Only the following contact fields are supported between Google and Outlook for Mac: Name (first, middle, last), suffix, title, company, department, nickname, email, phones, notes.

  • The Address fields in Google Contacts appear in Outlook but cannot be changed.

  • The address type (private, work, user-defined) is not displayed in Outlook.

  • You won't see any other fields in Google Contacts that aren't supported in Outlook for Mac.

  • Pictures added to a contact using Outlook for Mac are not synced to Google.com.

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