What do people think of positive money

10 Beliefs About Money That Will Dramatically Change Your Life!

Money stays with me.Money doesn't stay with me.I am worth a lot of money.I am not worth a lot of money.I am worth a lot of money.I am not worth making a lot of money.I can accept money.I cannot accept money.I enjoy making money.I don't enjoy making money.Money is important.Money is not that important. Money isn't everything in life.Money is important to me.I don't care about money.I have a good feeling about money.I have a negative feeling about money.I always get money.It's hard to get money.I have earned a lot of money.I didn't deserve to make a lot of money.I am good with money.I can't handle money.Money feels good with me.Money doesn't feel comfortable with me.I love money.I have no feeling for money.I always receive money.It's hard to make money.I invite wealth and abundance into my life.Prosperity and abundance are not for me.Making money is easy.You have to work hard for your money.I am worth making a lot of money.I am not worth making a lot of money.Earning money is easy for me.Earning money is difficult.I am comfortable with a lot of money.I can't handle a lot of money.I have the right to abundance and prosperity.I don't deserve wealth and abundance.Earning money is the easiest thing in the world.You have to work hard to make a lot of money.There is always enough money.There is never enough money.It's okay to talk about money.You do not talk about money.Money is easy to come by.Money is hard to come by.Opportunities are everywhere.Money doesn't grow on trees.Money shows the real character.Money spoils character.Rich people see opportunities.Rich people have been lucky.I am worth it to earn / have X euros.I am not worth it to earn / have X euros.I have faith in the money.I don't trust the money.It feels good to make money.I'm scared of making money.My wealth grows day by day.If I make a lot of money, I could lose it again.Money stays with me.I am afraid of losing money.Giving money makes you happy.It's okay to give money.I like to have money with me.I don't like money.I always have more than enough money in my life.Yellow is in short supply.Money makes you sexy.Money stinks.I am comfortable with a lot of money.A lot of money means a lot of responsibility.I enjoy saving.Saving is doing without.I like to save.I can't save.My wealth grows day by day.My wealth is not growing.I am financially free.I never get financially free.My wealth is growing rapidly.My wealth is growing slowly.I am a good investor.I am not a good investor.I'm good at stocks.I can't handle stocks.I can be more successful than my father.I can't be more successful than my father.The more I earn, the more good I can do.When I earn more, I take something away from others.I am grateful for the money I have.There is never enough money.I can accept money.I can't take money.I allow myself to be rich.I do not allow myself to be rich.I am one of the rich.I am not one of the rich.Wealth is meant for me.Wealth is not meant for me.I can afford that.I can not afford that.Money comes to me.Everyone just wants my money.I have my pockets full of money.I have no money.A lot of money makes you happy.A lot of money doesn't make you happy.If I have a lot of money, I can give something back.When I have a lot of money, others want something from it.Taking care of my money gives me freedom.Money matters are exhausting.I allow myself to think big.Better to have a sparrow in hand than a pigeon on the roof.It feels good to have big money goals for myself.I don't really want to be rich.Money comes to me with ease.It's hard to make money.Taking care of my money gives me freedom.Taking care of my money is exhausting / complicated.I allow myself inner and outer wealth.I do not allow myself to be rich.I like to donate.I have to hoard my money.Money is appreciation.Money is dirty.