How did you end a bad date

7 excuses to end every (horror) date

CALL IT QUITS! - Perfect excuses for horror dates

Date Fail! Help how do i get out of here? Boring, disgusting macho or just not your type? There are a lot of dates that sooner or later you want to escape from. Fortunately, we girls are not stupid. Here are my 7 tips for successfully stealing yourselves from a bad date.

Everything sounded so good in the text messages and he looked pretty hot on Tinder. In reality, however, he only talks about himself and does not quite match the likeness on his profile.

If you can't hold out another minute with the guy, then:

1. Spontaneously forget an appointment & other disasters

If you have your date in the afternoon, you can quickly make up a doctor's appointment that you have completely forgotten. “Sry, I completely forgot that I have to be at the doctor in half an hour. I'll get in touch! " To be on the safe side, set a reminder on your mobile phone in advance. In the event that things are going well, you can simply ignore them 😉 The post office is also a good excuse in an emergency. The birthday present for your best friend is still waiting there to be picked up and that makes you panic, because it is her birthday tomorrow… .Or you just forgot to turn off the stove and pull the plug of your iron….

2. Gastrointestinal complaints

If you are on a dinner date and have already held out until after dinner, go to the toilet immediately afterwards. There you can relax and wait a few minutes. It is best to unpack the powder during the waiting time and apply a little paler make-up. After you return to the table, you tell your companion that you apparently couldn't stand the meal at all. and now you have to go to bed urgently.

3. The ex

Of course, you can also leave the end of the date to your escort. As soon as you start singing praises of your ex one after the other, it's over faster than you can see. So go really hard and howl your counterpart how much your ex mourns. If he still hasn't had enough, just rave about the outstanding abilities of your ex in bed ... go into detail in an emergency 😉

4. The classic

Still popular. Let a friend know in advance to call you and tell you that you need to come home urgently. Maybe your washing machine is leaking or he has borrowed your car and now has a breakdown ... In the event that the date is going well, you just tell them that you have just met and will be in touch later.

5. The rock-hard truth

This is only for the very tough. It's best to make it short and painless and avoid trite phrases like “It's not up to you…” or “Let's stay friends”. You simply tell the other person that you are sorry, but the chemistry between you is not right. If you choose this variant, you should also choose the full truth and, if asked, explain why he / she is not the right one for you.

6. Home Sweet Hell

Open your date to the future together that awaits you. How beautiful your children will be and what your dream house looks like, that of course you have already found where you will soon be moving on your date. You have the contracts with you, but of course he can also look at it again beforehand to give his go. Oh yes, and the plane ticket to Las Vegas for your wedding has of course already been booked. Tomorrow we go! Here you can spin as much as you want according to your imagination. In any case, you are guaranteed to get rid of your date quickly.

7. Coupling whatever it takes

Your counterpart just doesn't correspond to your dream partner at all? But maybe you know someone who would be an excellent match. So just rave about said friend or colleague in high tones and he / she quickly forgets that you are actually both on a date.

It can be almost fun to talk your way out of a date. If you do not have any acting talent, I would refer to point 4 and let a friend save the bumblebee for me.

How do you talk your way out of a bad date? Write me in the comments and if you liked the video, give me a thumbs up. I'm looking forward to the next time! Kiss Ba-Ba