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Dragon Ball Super - You should know that beforehand

The first episode of the anime sequel Dragon Ball Super aired in Japan this week. It will be some time before we see the series in Germany. Today we tell you how to prepare for the start!

Before you jump into the first episode of Dragon Ball Super, you should deal a little with the most important facts about the Dragon Ball universe. We want to give you a hand and have put together the most important points for the continuation of the anime success Dragon Ball Z.

1. Dragon Ball Super is part of the official Dragon Ball universe

Everyone is there: the Dragon Ball team

With the collaboration of Dragon Ball inventor Akira Toriyama on the anime Dragon Ball Super, the series becomes an official part of the Dragon Ball canon, in which the two series Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Z also play. In the last 20 years we have seen various films that were told in Dragon Ball style, but were only given artistic advice by Toriyama. The same applies to the Dragon Ball GT series. Through Toriyama's involvement in both the anime and the parallel manga stories, Dragon Ball Super can be called an official sequel.

2. Dragon Ball Super begins before Dragon Ball Z ends

This fight has not yet taken place

Dragon Ball Super kicks in six months after fighting Majin Buu. So the story begins before the end of Dragon Ball Z. In the predecessor, we see Son Goku taking part in the Grand Tournament again ten years after the said fight, but we do not find out what happened in between. Accordingly, Dragon Ball Super can still process the stories of a whole decade before the last three episodes of Dragon Ball Z start again.

3. Dragon Ball GT never happened

Don't you have to look: Dragon Ball GT

Certainly, Dragon Ball GT is set well after the events of Dragon Ball Z. However, there is a hint that the third Dragon Ball anime is completely disregarded for the story of Dragon Ball Super. In the movie War of the Gods, Son Goku reached the battle level Super Sayajin God, which even exceeds that of Super Sayajin 4, which he achieved in Dragon Ball GT. This would raise the question of why he prefers a weaker combat level in the future, even though his opponent as God-Sayajin would be a lot easier to defeat. So it is only logical to hide Dragon Ball GT completely. Not only for the story, but also for your own fan heart.

4. Check out the last two films!

Worth seeing: Dragon Ball Z - Battle of the Gods

Akira Toriyama's work on the last two Dragon Ball films, Battle of the Gods and Resurrection F, allowed them to be recognized in the official canon. You should watch the flicks not only because the films capture the spirit of the original Dragon Ball series pretty well, but also because Beerus, the god of destruction, plays a big role in both parts. As the trailer and poster reveal, the cat-like god can also be seen in Dragon Ball Super. Accordingly, it would certainly be an advantage to take a look at the films. Then you can plunge directly into Son Goku's new adventure.

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Are you already perfectly prepared for Dragon Ball Super?