What is your riskiest sexual fantasy

Sex in the workplace

Have you ever thought about how hot and exciting office sex could be? Or maybe you're thinking of the closet or the elevator. You are not alone with this fantasy! But the implementation is not easy and in most cases not really recommended. But let's first take a look at the different types of sexual activity in the workplace:

Sex in the office with yourself

Does a colleague regularly push your imagination to extremes and then you can no longer concentrate? The simplest idea is of course to help yourself quickly. Please not under the office desk, but rather privately on the toilet. Does that count as sex at work? Sure, because having sex with yourself is also a sexual act. You're more likely not to get caught, and it's quick too. So still relatively safe.

Sex with colleagues

If this colleague also finds you attractive, it may not just stay flirting permanently. At some point you will probably get the idea to take a short break together. Many affairs with colleagues do not actually take place in the hotel room or after work, but at work. This is where things get very tricky, as we will clarify in more detail later.

Sex with partner

Does your partner sometimes come by for lunch or after work? Then it might be very attractive to turn the workplace into a playground and breathe a little life into it. Your own desk looks a lot friendlier after you've had a lot of fun on it. But there are also some risks here.

Sex with superiors

Last but not least, the riskiest adventure: sex at work with the boss. Those who have attractive bosses may not see the danger here. It is hardly possible to mix career and personal life even more! Even if the hormones are going crazy, in most cases this variant is a bad idea with unpleasant long-term consequences.

Why sex is so exciting in the workplace

With so many employees having similar fantasies, there must be something very special about sex in the workplace. What exactly is it that makes it so appealing that you don't want to wait to leave the office? On the one hand, it is certainly due to the fact that everyday work is not necessarily fun. It's about work there and not about pleasure. And that's exactly why you long for this pleasure all the more. You want to escape from everyday work, break out briefly and do something crazy. And what is better for a short, wild rebellion than sex? Then you are awake again, active and motivated - that's how you think. As a small rebel, you created a completely forbidden exhilaration. In addition, there is the pleasant aftertaste that you are doing something absolutely forbidden. Breaking rules and crossing boundaries gives us adrenaline and excitement. Throbbing hearts, outbreaks of sweat and quick breathing are not only side effects of the act, but are made even more intense by the excitement. To feel this excitement, for example, some people even have sex without a condom and challenge themselves to stop in time. The better choice is then the risk of forbidden sex in the workplace - but at least with a condom! The risk of being caught doing so is always on the back of the neck. With every noise you ask yourself whether someone is coming in now and who it is and how they would react. While this leads to some people feeling completely exhausted, others feel stimulated by it.

Possible consequences of sexual escapades

So what are the disadvantages of this acted out fantasy? What are some of the reasons why you should avoid sex at work? It is best to work our way from the least to the most serious consequences. Let's start with the reputation you can get in the workplace when the word of your antics gets around. If you live out your fantasies with a coworker, the chances are high that he or she will tell other coworkers. Or you get caught and word gets around. You will not leave a professional impression by doing this. As a further consequence, it may well be that you then become a kind of "fair game" and other colleagues will try to land with you. Such approaches need not be flattering; they can be very uncomfortable. If your adventure reaches the management level, you have to expect a warning. Because private pleasure is of course not allowed during paid working hours. Private activities (whether it is private phone calls, sexy emails or sex at work) are clearly prohibited and you have even signed this with your employment contract. Even if you use your break for this or do it after work: Your employer has the house rules and certainly does not want you to use the office space for your private pleasure. In the worst case, it can even lead to a termination. Namely, if you have already received a warning because of a past misstep. So think carefully about what such a sexual adventure is worth to you and whether you are ready, in the worst case, to face these consequences. Most importantly, think about it before the hormones make you unable to think clearly.

Sexual "No Go's" in the workplace

Aside from the personal risks involved in sex in the workplace, there are also some acts that are definitely never okay. This includes living out your own sexual fantasy at the expense of other people. If you are interested in your colleague or a colleague, this does not entitle you to approach. You can only become clearer when your mutual interest has been clarified. Fortunately, reputable companies have a zero tolerance policy when it comes to sexual assault! This can rightly result in termination without notice. So always make sure that your clear allusions or even physical attacks are guaranteed to be wanted by your counterpart. The same applies to sexual services that are exchanged in the context of work. This is particularly tricky between employees who have positions at different levels. As a supervisor, preference should not be given to an employee because sexual favors can be expected from them. Even helping with one's own tasks or "putting in a good word" is not an appropriate consequence of sexual activity. You should never get involved in such games, because either you lose out or you take advantage of a weaker one. And such actions can always be used against you.

What is even possible?

Unfortunately, all of this takes away the illusion that you can treat yourself to sex at work. The risks are actually not small and it has to be carefully weighed up which priorities one has. But is there still a way to live out this fantasy? In any case, a few and rare opportunities turn out to be fairly low-risk. For example, those who stay much longer after their colleagues have finished work and are certain that nobody is in the office can have their partner visit them. Work on public holidays or weekends, if you are the only employee to come to the office, are just as suitable. For the sake of fairness, however, you should make sure that you enter these hours of sleep as a break and, for your own safety, leave absolutely no traces of the adventure behind. If you don't have this opportunity and absolutely don't want to do without the kick of sex at work, you can find a compromise: Smooch and fumble with your hot colleague in the elevator or private office and then spend time in the hotel, car or office Make an appointment at home to carry on.