Does it bother you having young children around?

How media can harm children

Does television harm the child's soul?

In the discussion about the effect of media on the child's psyche, often only the quality of the media offers is mentioned and a distinction is made between good and bad programs. According to research, however, the effect certain media offers on children and what they trigger in them depends on many different factors. The influencing factors include:

  • Age and stage of development of the child,
  • the child's environment,
  • his current life situation,
  • the child's previous experiences with media,
  • and even the fact whether it's a girl or a boy.

But every child is different and deals with the media differently - even if they are the same age. Parents know their child best. They know where they are currently in their development, whether they have worries and problems, whether they are sensitive or “hard-nosed”, what they are particularly afraid of, etc. Parents should therefore always know what their child is watching, the programs know and choose together with the child.

Of course, it can still happen that a child is frightened or unsettled by a program. In this case, mother or father should be nearby as a contact person and “comforter”. It is also important to give the child the opportunity to talk about what they have seen and heard or to ask questions about it.

Younger children in particular should not be left alone in front of the television. If possible, you should only watch TV with the parents, so that you can talk directly about what scared the child or what he or she did not understand.