Why isn't the United States destroying China?

China's state media: USA destroys international order

Large states have to ensure stability, says the leading article in the Chinese party newspaper. The fact that the US wants to station missiles in the Asia-Pacific region does not suit Beijing at all.

The Chinese state media accuse the US of deliberately destroying the international order. The big states are responsible for ensuring stability in the world, according to a sharply worded editorial in the Communist Party newspaper on Tuesday. At the same time, they would have to lay the foundations for the development of all countries. "But some people in the United States do just the opposite."

The United States had previously classified the People's Republic as a currency manipulator for the first time in 25 years. With a deliberate devaluation of the national currency, China is gaining unfair advantages in world trade and thereby violating its obligations as a member of the 20 leading industrialized and emerging countries, said Finance Minister Steven Mnuchin in Washington on Monday. The decision came after the Chinese yuan hit its lowest level in more than eleven years
had fallen.

But it is not just the trade conflict that is fueling the bad mood between the two major international powers. After the dissolution of the important INF disarmament treaty for nuclear weapons, China warned the US against stationing medium-range missiles in Asia. China will "take all necessary measures to resolutely defend national security interests," said one
Beijing Foreign Ministry spokeswoman on Tuesday.

One will never remain inactive in order to protect one's own interests
The spokeswoman said that if the US goes down this route, it will have serious negative effects on the international and regional security situation, it said Hope that the US is cautious
acted and took no action.

US wants missiles to be stationed in Asia

US Secretary of Defense Mark Esper had previously spoken out in favor of deploying land-based medium-range missiles in the Asia-Pacific region. The US government wants to do this "as soon as possible," if possible within months, said Esper, according to US media reports.

With the INF Treaty, one of the world's most important disarmament treaties for nuclear weapons was dissolved last week. The agreement between the USA and Russia was concluded during the Cold War in 1987 and provided that both sides renounce land-based medium-range nuclear missiles. Now a new arms race between the two countries is feared.

But China, which was previously not part of the agreement, is also moving forward
in focus. The reason for the United States' termination of the treaty is also the fact that the INF treaty only binds Americans and Russians, but not emerging military powers like China. China is now said to have almost 2,000 ballistic missiles and cruise missiles that would be covered by the agreement.

US President Donald Trump had spoken out in favor of including China in new negotiations. Beijing had made it clear beforehand that it was not interested in it.

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