What is a popular hobby in Japan

Cosplay - the Japanese phenomenon is conquering Germany

In cosplay, the focus is on disguises that characterize a character Anime, manga, comic books, films or video games are modeled on. The term is made up of the English terms costume and play. It is translated as the word costume game in German. The fans are called cosplayers and their goal is to faithfully portray a character from an anime series or western characters such as Harry Potter. This includes a suitable costume as well as imitating the behavior of the character.


The origins

Cosplay (Japanese: コ ス プ レ, kosupure) is a popular hobby, in which fans dress up like their favorite characters from anime, manga, films, books and games. 21st century cosplay is its own subculture and cultural movement with its own practices, rules and traditions. Interestingly, the origin of cosplay is not to be found in Japan, but in the USA. This is where young people first started dressing like their favorite characters from well-known comic books in the 1960s. In the 1980s, the term cosplay was introduced in Japan by the Japanese publisher Nobuyuki Takahashi creates. At the turn of the century it developed into a worldwide phenomenon, the stronghold of which is Japan.


Reasons for cosplay

Many people around the world are enthusiastic about this unusual hobby for various reasons. Basically, cosplay offers its fans the opportunity to break out of your everyday life and pursue your creativity. For many, it is essentially about pursuing their passion and enthusiasm for a particular fictional character or series. They want to bring their star to life with their disguise.


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Cosplay costumes in the DIY trend

One of the big trends is to get your cosplay costumes to tailor yourself, including accessories and cosplay accessories for women, men and children. Cosplayers become real experts in tailoring, because the costumes are often very elaborate. The main thing here is the details and a cosplay dress should come as close as possible to the original. In order to portray a character from an anime (Japanese cartoon), not only must the costume fit, but the behavior of the character must also be mimicked. By putting on his cosplay costume, a cosplayer gives up his personal self and transforms himself into his favorite character for the moment.


The cosplay scene

Cosplay has its own rules, codes, and events. Since the Cosplay scene is a global phenomenon beyond Japan's borders, there are some international competitions around the world. Anime Cosplay lives from this sense of community. Many cosplayers also appear in groups at these events and support and advise each other in the design of their costumes. In addition to the cosplay competitions, this is primarily about the Community and the associated meetings. Cosplayers share the instructions for a costume and exchange tips on where to get good, ready-made costumes and fabrics at the best price.


The making of costume cosplay

By creating cosplay costumes and dresses, enthusiasts bring their stars from anime, comics, series and films to life. Hence, it is not surprising that tailoring your own costume takes a lot of time. This includes planning and deciding on a special costume. The item of clothing can be a suit, a dress or a simple T-shirt. Another important aspect is choosing the right accessories, such as masks, wigs and shoes. Depending on the figure, these can also be sneakers. The finished costume should look like the hero or heroine realistic represent as possible. After all, the cosplayers want to slip into the role of their favorite hero for a day. There are a variety of different characters and hero types in Japanese manga.


Conventions and the German Cosplay Championship

The so-called Conventions are an important part of cosplay. These are meetings where the cosplayers present their painstakingly designed costumes. So it can happen that a Manga fan himself becomes a role model for others. Because the closer the respective costume and clothing to the favorite character, the higher the chance of winning one of these events. The most popular costumes for women include school uniforms and dresses in Lolita look, as well as from Sailor Moon.


Digital game culture

In addition to well-known heroes from anime, manga, comics and films, numerous cosplayers also tailor their costumes in the style of digital games. One of the most popular games is Assassin's Creed. There is, for example, the annual event Gamescom Cosplay Village. A varied program with show acts and competitions for the best costume takes place there for three days.


Social engagement and cosplay

Cosplayers also come together at larger events such as the Frankfurt Book Fair, the World Cosplay Summit or at the local carnival and other conventions. But some are also involved in social missions. They visit hospitals for seriously ill children in cosplay costumes. One of the best-known initiatives is, for example "Heroes for Hearts" who actively support sick children. Disguised as superheroes, they bring great joy to the children. The spectrum ranges from Anime Cosplay to Harry Potter and Star Wars to other series.


Creativity knows no bounds

Cosplay costumes and the matching accessories are often developed and tailored in weeks of detailed work. The overall theme of the costume is just as varied as the fan base who exchanges tips and tricks on the Internet. The outfits come in bright colors as well as black and white. The right make-up, also for men, should of course not be missing. Before tailoring begins, the necessary materials as well as front, back and detailed views of the costume are collected. With the wearing of the cosplay costume, a childhood dream comes true for one or the other. It is not uncommon for female cosplayers to mention how, as girls, they always dreamed of being dressed as a princess at Carnival. The clothes are just as often based on popular anime heroes, such as from Naruto and One piece.


Order finished cosplay costumes online in various shops

Many costumes and suits are already ready to buy online in various shops. Often there are also costumes for women, men and children for Halloween and carnival costumes to be ordered in the respective online stores. There you can find different fabrics in black, white and many other colors at often low prices. The dress sizes range from one size. 38 to large sizes. Masks and deluxe costume meditions are also often available. In Japan, there are also many shops in Tokyo's Harajuku district that sell ready-made cosplay costumes, cosplay wigs and cosplay accessories.