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ing it a large part of our lives today, especially in our romantic relationships. You can find it harder to find someone if you throw away your phone. If ie a lasting relationship


Flirtatious ing

ing is a huge part of our lives today, especially in our romantic relationships. You have a hard time finding someone if you throw your phone away. If you want to keep a lasting relationship, it is better to take on the role of your phone. So knowing how other people are doing is a good idea. Myers-Briggs is a personality theory that can help you better understand how people flirt, whether they want to be romantic first, etc. There are four spectra by which Myers-Briggs identifies people:

  1. Extrovert to Introvert
  2. Perception for intuition
  3. Feel for thought
  4. Perceiving for judgment

Together they all form 16 different personality types, which are divided into four different categories:

  1. The idealists: INFJ, INFP, ENFP, ENFP
  2. The Guardians: ISFJ, ISTJ, ESFJ, ESTJ
  3. The conceptualists: INTJ, INTP, ENTJ, ENTP
  4. The craftsmen: ISFP, ISTP, ESFP, ESTP

From then on it gets a lot more complicated and we don't have all the time in the world to describe every single personality. If you want more information, you can look through the articles I have written; I have a number with Myers-Briggs. If you ever have a question about Myers-Briggs or want a specific article about a personality, by all means leave a comment at the bottom of the article.

This article will give you an overview of how different personalities function at work. Flirting with some personalities is very complicated if you don't really understand their point of view. Remember ... these are blues of personalities and what to expect. Everyone is different and has their own preferences. Communicate with them to see what expectations they have for dating.

The idealists:

INFJ: Consultant

INFP: idealist

ENFJ: Donors

ENFP: Champion


An INFJ is difficult to read. They know that if they give you consistent support, you will be fine with an INFJ. Remember, INFJ is private and mysterious. You don't want to explain everything at once. They try to get a good picture of you. Its primary mode is introverted intuition. If you want to grab an INFJ, you have to be consistent, charming, and welcoming. INFJ can read you carefully, so don't overdo the flattery or they won't take you seriously. You will want to invite an INFJ to town and you will also have to ask or use the word "dating". An INFJ may be able to avoid getting to this level because they want things to flow naturally rather than mistakenly creating a romantic connection.

INFJ likes people who tend to be funny, intelligent, or charming. They don't fall for people who sneak out on them or have little to say. Although they are introverted, the NF makes them more ambitious. Most of all, an INFJ wants a serious connection. Don't try to casually date an INFJ. They have banned you from their social network if they think you are toxic. INFJ is kind on the outside, but tough on the inside. This makes it difficult for an INFJ to know what they want romantically. They tend to fall for people who are nervous because it resonates with their state of mind. You like good-hearted people, but that's more of a friendship than a romantic partner. INFJ needs someone who is a charming prince, loves chivalry, and is progressive, malleable, and handsome. INFJ only wants the best of the best.

Here's how you can tell if an INFJ is flirting with you:

  1. They are there all the time; they can write an entire novel for you if they are really desperate.
  2. You try to have the conversation carefree. There will be a number of jokes, changing the subject and sometimes avoiding the subject altogether.
  3. If they don't like you, you're rare and it will be an extra long time for them to come back to you.
  4. If an INFJ likes you, you have to hang out with them. They want to find out in person, be it through a scam or an official dating scam.
  5. INFJ likes about her daily life. You reciprocate your flirtatious advances. But don't go overboard, because then INFJ will think you're missing the romance.
  6. INFJ will be you at any time of the day.
  7. An INFJ will let you know about more personal matters when they have gained enough confidence in you.
  8. An INFJ is going to find a really crazy and intense way of complimenting you that is abnormal and potentially difficult to understand.
  9. INFJ will show you pictures of cute animals that they hang out with.
  10. An INFJ shows you how your day is going.


INFP is the most adorable person to ever fall in love with. INFPs are similar to INFJ, but they are not that mysterious. INFP will do a little more. INFP is more loving than INFJ. You will get a lot of smileys from an INFP, you will get a lot of jokes and weird stuff from INFJ. Both are very romantic. INFJ struggles with shyness, so does INFP, but you can move forward if you really want someone's affection. You become an INFP all the time, not just consistently, but all the time. The INFP personality loves to be in love. The "idealist" is a love machine. You are still preoccupied with love even after the romance is over. They like to return to old memories. INFP is happy when you are happy. You can wander thoughtlessly or disregard anything in particular. INFP can overwhelm you - and become strangely quiet for no reason.

Here's how you can tell if an INFP is flirting with you:

  1. You about gross personal matters. They have got to a point where they don't mind sharing the essentials, no matter how strange it may be.
  2. INFP is crazy and they can't hide it. They may try and try, but you know that if they surrender and let the freak's flag fly as high as possible, they will like you. INFP will be weird enough that you might flinch, but don't get too mad. If you flinch at some INFPs craze, it's probably a good thing. That said, they want you to know them and they are comfortable with you.
  3. A blast of s with lots of smiley, winky and love happy faces. It will be like getting a full novel. You will feel like the INFP is trying to convey the final feelings to you. They want you to feel what they are feeling so that they drop you an atomic bomb and they vomit it and throw it towards you ... and you will get that atomic bomb over and over again.
  4. The INFP is getting shy. You go into compliment mode. They are trying to encourage you to go in the right direction. They could also go out of their way to get together with you. You can be anywhere.
  5. The INFP loves to laugh. They joke, they laugh at themselves, and they get nervous for no reason. INFP struggles with uncertainty sometimes, but for good reason. They are so different that sometimes they really feel out of place and uncomfortable because they want to belong. Lengthy parties can also be lean on an INFP. If an INFP is close by and provides you with intensive care, this is a good sign. You approve of your presence.
  6. The INFP tells you about things you should do together.
  7. They are really boring. Your s have a weighty amount of emotions towards them.
  8. They want to show you their love. They think about getting reciprocated later.
  9. They talk about their favorite things in life.
  10. They will shower you with hells, good morning hallelujah!


ENFJing is not for the faint of heart. The ENFJ are starved, consistent and talkative. They will look after you until you feel like you are going to pass out. Expect an energy explosion. They talk about their pets, their family, their boogers, a whole bunch of emojis and anything they think is beautiful, true and crazy. ENFJ is usually pretty easy to read if you like someone. Their eyes grow to the size of the universe, they dance frantically around you and they keep saying strange things and are ashamed of them. ENFJ is dominated by extroverted feelings, so everything comes to the surface in a huge, large and twisted ball of energy. This is mimicked in their s They will find that they want to talk to you about anything and there will be no shortage of smileys and exuberance.

ENFJ, if anyone likes it, they will attack. They appear at your door to hang out. They will stalk you hotly without even thinking about it. ENFJ women love to be persecuted, but they are such warm, insanely emotional beings that they will help you out. Don't expect that from an INFJ woman. INFJ women must be persecuted. They check your authenticity.

ENFJ knows no limits when it comes to it, you love telling people how they feel. Whether you are sad, grumpy, amazed, or disgusted, ENFJ will talk to someone you like about your feelings. You don't really care if emotions are the language of your heart. They may forget to see what your emotional life is like. They just cover you with a big hug of their emotions. It'll feel pretty warm and exhilarating. Don't get yourself wrong, usually they want this in a romantic way, but often people mistake it for sex. Fortunately, ENFJ can agree to that. But you have to be honest and know that being honest is important. ENFJ is really bad at people falling and not holding onto their ground until one day they blow up with the power of a thousand suns.

Here's how you can tell if an ENFJ is flirting with you:

  1. Expect long, explosive S. ENFJ doesn't pass out, especially early on, just to throw their hearts out for someone they like.
  2. Expect a constant number of s, and also a large number of them - around 80 in a day.
  3. Expect to try to see them in person, individually, or in a group. You don't care! They just want to see you! They just want to be really weird and goofy. They want to know that you like them too.
  4. s that are difficult in the TMI field. They can start talking about boogers, periods, poop, or something gross that they saw. ENFJ can be very rude and crazy.
  5. All the emojis! Do I have enough hearts for you? Do you know how I faireeeeel?
  6. For a long time it wanders over absolutely nothing. Make sure you take them back or they will feel insecure.
  7. Drunk s. Crazy Drunk s about their love.
  8. Pictures of their cats.
  9. Anything cheesy that comes to mind.
  10. Rainbow, unicorns, glitter and explosions. Just ... whatever.


ENFP will shower you with warmth. They will throw a lot of s at you. They may withdraw because they're not sure. ENFP is a dominantly intuitive personality. They will be throwing a ton of information at you and it should feel like an explosion of ESP. They live from many patterns and lightning-fast reactions. You like to play with ideas. If you are not an intuitive personality this may be hard to understand - go for it extremely hard to understand. An ENFP jumps from idea to idea quickly, and if you don't have the skills you need to openly ask ENFP if they like you. An INFJ can keep up with them until the end of time, and whatever an ENFP tells you - they know when they came across an INFJ because it's like cute, cute black magic.

Here's how you can tell if an ENFP is flirting with you:

  1. ENFP will ask you a million questions. They will ask you questions to help understand your dating life. This may include asking if you have been with someone on certain dates. They may forget to ask you.
  2. They can also ask you intense questions straight away. How ... do you want to marry me? Will you go to a wedding with me even though I barely know you? Will you meet my parents new girl Will you hold my hand while my grandma dies? It might sting you if you say no. They seem to have an odd range of what they want and figuring out what is reasonable. They don't quite care what is reasonable. They just know that in situations like this they want you. Development of a suitable schedule? Why bother? Commit yourself to me now! Correct? Oh, I think that's a little threatening. Hmmm...
  3. An ENFP will shower you with randomness. Except anything and everything from pictures from her family vacation in 2007 because you said something that reminded her of that one time with a swimming rubber duck - yes. Then you get a long story about dragons. In essence, they will throw you off course. You might end up feeling worried, but not. They test the water. You are extremely extroverted.
  4. If an ENFP likes someone, they cannot abstain. They may try to have a poker face, but they keep asking you weird, strange questions.
  5. The ENFP will invite you to a range of retreats ranging from gigantic to tiny injuries.
  6. Space cadet. MIA.
  7. I'll get back to you. All of a sudden they say they miss you. All of a sudden they say they love you. LOVE YOU LOVE YOU LOVE YOU!
  8. Like your status. Your pictures. Your albums from 8 years ago. Your mother. I like your mother. Do you like my toy baby arm?
  9. ENFP is going to take you on a date with the weirdest questions since you're not sure what works. It will go something like this, "Do you like milk?"
  10. And then they write you something so beautiful and complicated that you will be amazed that it was meant for your eyes and ears.

The guards

ISFJ: Protector

ISTJ: Inspector

ESFJ: provider

ESTJ: Supervisor


How was your day? What have you been up to? Would you like to try dating?

Sure, ISFJ is an introvert, but their second function is to feel like an extrovert. You can expect a constant flow of s daily from an ISFJ. It won't be as emotionally intense as an ENFJ, and it won't be as mysterious as an INFJ because ISFJ is more direct. ISFJ is freer to express their wishes openly. They make amazing, if not perfect, pals. They are committed to hospitality, it would be difficult for them to overwhelm a person, and they still have the affection that most people crave. ISFJ-In and phone calls are an incredibly nice, consistent stream of s.They will check on you because they are protective (slightly jealous) and also because they want to see you. ISFJ can feel pretty instinctive about someone working for them, so they're good at getting involved, but they're not great at breaking up. Breaking up is not in their language because they are such dedicated beings, so take it easy with an ISFJ and know what you want with them before you go too deep.

ISFJ may not love it, but they like their love interest and they see that through constant engineering they are helping to develop a romance with you. They want to see if you got home with the work going and you are really random and weird when they finish. ISFJ would rather be cool than cheesy. You don't want to come across as nerdy or socially inept. You can be pretty sarcastic too. This personality is interested in being a charming prince or a girl in need. They want to be there for you, they want to cook for you, they want to know everything about you. They really want to understand their partner, so do what they can to find out what makes them comfortable and what attracts them.

Here's how you can tell if an ISFJ is flirting with you:

  1. Good morning good afternoon good evening. How was your day? Did you sleep well? How was the work? Would you like to hang out today I miss you.

  2. The ISFJ will tell you when you look attractive and they will make sure you are comfortable with it.
  3. Expect some really weird things at some point when they come out of their shell and try something new ... with you.
  4. They will talk about their feelings. You can do it sarcastically so as not to seem overwhelming. Like a "Boo, you hurt my feelings!"
  5. They will tell you about their crappy days. They'll tell you all about how they felt grumpy, and they'll have a pretty hard time. Remember, ISFJ is extroverted feeling and introverted thinking.
  6. ISFJ will let you know when you can meet. If you want to try out, etc.
  7. They will keep you informed of everyday events - they are happy to connect with their partner even when they have nothing to say. Not even anything to make you say something. An ISFJ is really into you when you drop to that level.
  8. The winking face and the blushing face, followed by: "Sweet dreams."
  9. They ask you if you dream about them and they grin about it. The ISFJ is all about the blink and the smile - not the explosive energy one would find in an ESFJ or ENFJ.
  10. They tell you that they really like your company.


ISTJ is practical, straightforward and goal-oriented. An ISTJ, when focused on one person, is very traditional, likes to phone, and is easily emotionally slack. ISTJ wants to find the best partner who will work with you over the long term. ISTJ can date a number of personality types, and ISTJ itself can appear in a number of different ways. This personality blue is one of the most common. It's not a huge fan of Ing, but it's a great tool for dating. You are more than an ESTJ who doesn't see it as efficient. The introverted part of the ISTJ sees this as a great way to communicate without having to do it face to face. An ISTJ is likely to ask you out on a date, take whatever you say to heart, and they might be a little too no-frills. ISTJ is also a money hungry personality so don't rock the boat when faced with financial hardship. ISTJ may not go very deeply into romance. You are unlikely to have an entire novel on your phone. This is more of an F or N type of personality trait. ISTJ can ask you if things are

ISTJ isn't a huge fan of ing but sees it as a great tool for dating. You are more than an ESTJ who doesn't see it as efficient. The introverted part of the ISTJ sees this as a great way to communicate without having to do it face to face. An ISTJ is likely to ask you out on a date, take whatever you say to heart, and they might be a little too no-frills. ISTJ is also a money hungry personality, so don't rock the boat when faced with financial hardship. ISTJ may not go very deeply into romance. You are unlikely to have an entire novel on your phone. This is more of an F or N type of personality trait. ISTJ can ask you if things are okay, if there is anything they can do to help, etc. ISTJ will do the best for you. They can be impressively organized, argumentative, and really persistent.

How To Tell If an ISTJ Is Over Flirting With You :

  1. ISTJ will want things their own way. They can be very directive and argumentative. If they are you, they want to know and understand what you are thinking. They ask questions. They have no idea where to find things out for themselves - and they don't have the emotional empathy that others need to find out too. You have to hear it right from the horse's mouth.
  2. ISTJ will be about when to hang out and set a clear and precise time for things to happen. This is a personality that is offended by being late, even five minutes.
  3. ISTJ will think that they are really naughty ... but probably not as much as they think they are. If they compliment you, multiply it by 3 and you will be more in line with the type of emotional force the ISTJ suggested.
  4. That personality will stick to the facts and come towards you in a straight arrow way. They're not into games. They can tell you that they don't want randomness. it doesn't make sense to them.
  5. How ISTJ gets to NF personalities is an absolute mystery. They have completely different needs. ISTJ will make sure you keep up with the conversation, but they will likely have a hard time understanding you if you are NF.
  6. ISTJ you will many: lol
  7. This personality will ask you what you are up to, make good plans, and know where the best restaurants and bars are.
  8. You may say something like, "This is not how I expected this to go down."
  9. ISTJ will want to be in a relationship right away when their plans are in the right place.
  10. They will ask you questions when they want to get to know you.


ESFJ ing is very similar to ENFJ ing, perhaps a little less strange. ESFJ is also dominated by extroverted feelings. ESFJ and ENFJ are professionals when it comes to building relationships. They love relationships with every fiber of their being, whether they admit it or not is not important.

ESFJ wants to see personally the person they are meeting with. They know exactly how to play the art of flirting to their advantage. They want to see if you hang out, compliment your muscles, share the latest gossip. You think about your interests and try to find a way to connect. They are masters at being social. They guide people around them, they tend to be extremely feminine or masculine in the traditional sense. You will know when an ESFJ or ENFJ likes you, but keep in mind that ESFJ is guided by introverted perception while ENFJ is guided by introverted intuition - a big difference. A perceptive person needs more validation than an intuitive person who is constantly thinking about patterns, past, present, and future. An ESFJ likes it when things are specific, they like to talk about all their problems. You want to go through all the details. An intuitive one already gets things, it masters patterns, it masters the understanding of things from a global perspective. An ESFJ thinks more about the present and generally less about the future.

ESFJ will shower you with love. Extroverted antennae like to express their feelings. This includes the ESFJ, ENFJ, ISFJ and INFJ. You can spot certain similarities between all three of these personalities - the FJ combos can easily be grouped together. ESFJ is more directly about commanding love and bringing you together, ENFJ is about an explosion of emotions, ISFJ is about visiting and caring for you, and INFJ is about a genius who is completely insane and is mystical.

Here's how you can tell if an ESFJ is flirting with you:

  1. ESFJ loves to talk on the phone and. The only thing is that they do this to just about anyone so it can actually be harder to read their love than you think. Look at the content of their s - do they seem lovey dovey or more argumentative?
  2. You will act shyly, but this is not the shyest personality. If they are behaving submissively, it is because they are playing a gender role that they believe is appropriate for flirting. Don't be surprised if their personality is bigger than life when you get to know them.
  3. They will ask you in detail how you are, what you would like to do, and in general they will try to comfort you.
  4. ESFJ is a cheeky personality. They could take you pictures, they could s very openly flirtatious.
  5. ESFJ loves to laugh. They might be trying to get you to laugh one way or another.
  6. They will use it to get closer to you. They are there all the time.
  7. An ESFJ will tell you about a number of things you can do together. You are an ultra planner. They love to be personal and let their heads wander until the end of time.
  8. ESFJ is about encouraging the people around you. ESFJ will encourage its partner.
  9. ESFJ likes to start a little bit of conflict. They are the most aggressive of the FJ cousins.
  10. They will get you drunk.


An ESTJ is a boss. You're meeting with a boss. Bosses don't necessarily have the best flirtatiousness. They are not going to sugarcoat things. ESTJ is direct with you. They want the job done, and if you take your sweet candy time to get things done, they probably don't want to waste time on you. ESTJ loves efficiency, growth development and money. All that money. Do you have money? Do you seem wealthy? ESTJ doesn't care about someone who sucks in finance. ESTJ has already considered your finances. You think about your career path, your 401k, and financial worth. ESTJ likes money, and if you are money, I mean if you have money they will likely stick to you.

ESTJ can have a hard time dating because they are so focused on their careers. They will be viciously flirtatious to stand out from you. They flaunt their good looks to attract attention. They are jewelry. They put their arms around your body because they are attracted not only to money but also to good looking people. Be careful ... ESTJ can be a snake. They suppress a lot of their intuition and feelings are deep down and they are introverted feelers. An ESTJ is pragmatic, not romantic. An ESTJ is sexual, goal-oriented, and cocky.

ESTJ is not for the faint of heart. If you really like romance novels, ESTJ may find you more crazy than practical. ESTJ wants to rule the whole world, so it is not their fate to get involved in a bad romance.

Here's how you can tell if an ESTJ is flirting with you:

  1. Pictures of yourself, because honestly, you wanted to see my face, didn't you? Okay, let me have another 12.
  2. Hey babe When are we meeting? When are you free? Would you like to deal with our taxes together?
  3. Compliments on you. These people are easy. To forget. They are trying to get you in person.
  4. Short, very short questions. Not the longest conversations. They're looking for practicality.
  5. They tell of exciting events that they will experience ... they expect you to be there.
  6. An ESTJ likes to be passive-aggressive.They don't realize they are passive-aggressive.
  7. A sexual innuendo here, a sexual innuendo there ...;););)
  8. You evade money. For gifts. To jewelry. Fancy cars.
  9. ESTJ you will when they come into town and want to see you. This means that they really like you because, honestly, they might not mention it because it might slow their journey down.
  10. ESTJ may ask you questions about your personal goals.

The conceptualists

INTJ: The masterminds

INTP: Architects

ENTJ: Field Marshals

ENTP: inventor


INTJ is bundled in their brains when it comes to dating. You can skip all of the normal meeting in person dating and choose online dating where you can prescribe exactly what you want for yourself. That makes a lot of sense to them. INTJ is dominated by introverted intuition with a supporting secondary function - extroverted thinking. INTJ may feel like an emotional being, but it really is because it is emotional inside. It is very a thinker. Great thinker besides INTP can beat her. We are sorry.

INTJing will be tame. You can be a little shy when flirting. You will be real. They like romance, but it asks a lot of them to be too strict about it. You can give the impression that your romance button is muted. INTJ will be quiet. You have to be as consistent as you are. They may need help. Follow them, get comfortable, and move on. Kooky fun behavior will assume an INTJ. So if you're getting consistent s, really weird and frank s, or suggestive s, INTJ most likely has something for you. This personality is reserved and easy to get shy. INFJ struggles with its mystical craziness created by its intuition and combination of emotions, but INTJ struggles with its hidden emotions and instead ... a huge brain. You're not necessarily looking for someone with a big brain. They want someone to help them highlight their third function, the introverted feeling. They need someone who is louder than them about their feelings. INTJ can be tough, hesitant, or really self-indulgent, thinking they know what's best ... and rejecting their emotional core. They need someone who is not the same ... even though they have the theory that the best thing in the world is a whole island of people who are the same.

Here's how you can tell if an INTJ is flirting with you:

  1. For INTJ, consistency in s is the most important aspect. They are not for everyone.
  2. Think about how intimate and detailed these s are. Do they tell you about their personal life, do they calm you and your dreams? If they let you into their private world, it's a big deal to them.
  3. INTJ has some traditional aspects. Often monogamous beings are looking for a committed partner. Calm down the INTJ.
  4. If an INTJ gets really weird, that's a good sign. Let them be weird.
  5. If an INTJ does next to nothing, that's a really, really good sign.
  6. INTJ will ask you to hang out with them. You can take it really hard if you quit on them. It's your job to get their attention next time.
  7. INTJ isn't the loosest personality. If they are kidding you with their jokes, that's an insanely good thing.
  8. When INTJ falls in love they are really cute and positive.
  9. When INTJ falls in love, they have big plans. It could be scary for you as a recipient.
  10. INTJ can easily get inside their head without bringing anything to the surface for their partner. If they get quiet - try to poke them, and don't ask them a whole series of questions. Just a nudge.


INTP ing is a fantastic puzzle. Welcome to the smartest personality who also has an extroverted feel to the bottom of their personality. INTP believes in romance and wants it wholeheartedly. They are easily consumed by love and often fall prey to more extroverted types or to extroverted feelers. INTPs are intentional, long, and constant. An INTP will do almost anything for someone they love because they know if their minds have focused on someone rather than being right because they are geniuses. INTP can easily be fooled by whoever it loves when that love is not true.

INTP will shower her love with bizarre, flirtatious, sexual, and insane things. INTP needs to know how you are feeling. They pursue their love interests hardcore. They are always watching whether they admit it or not. You are always watching your every move. She is very fascinated by people who seem romantic. It fascinates her in every way. INTP, if it finds out, can get 99% of the people it wants. It has to play its cards properly and also make sure the person isn't smart enough to figure out their cards - most likely, this is the INFJ (which is pretty much 1%).

This is how you can tell if an INTP is over-flirting with you :

  1. They will intensively bring you into a novel shape, a classic novel shape. You can get love letters by wishing them to be handwritten.
  2. They will keep seeing how you feel without telling you how they feel.
  3. They can go away for months without appearing out of the blue, a long picture of a unicorn, or something so absurd that you are not sure what has happened in the past few months, years, etc.
  4. They will show you pictures of everyday things they come across, such as: You can label it in ever-expanding ways because a lot of words mean love, right?
  5. They'll take photos of you on their cell phones and of you later.
  6. This personality likes to check your whereabouts, whether you are okay, whether your family is okay. You get that you have ancestry. You can easily get maternal or fatherly about their love interest.
  7. INTP may have a long tangent of madness to you, very long, and old-fashioned English may be mixed in with it. They like poetry, quotes from their favorite writer, or some crazy discovery about how to perfectly slice cheese in space.
  8. Know that an INTP that is constantly entertaining you and trying to figure you out feels hardcore for you, and I mean really, really, insanely hardcore. It is difficult for her to part with it because cocaine is a strong romance for her.
  9. INTP will let you know that you are awake at any time of the day.
  10. They will meet you in unexpected ways.


ENTJ knows what it wants and will do what it wants to go there. ENTJ are powerful leaders, but gentler and stranger than their ESTJ counterparts. They don't care that much about money, but they really like money. ENTJ will be straightforward, and you will find something that is not only flirtatious but also sexy. You don't feel the need to be muggy. They're not gushing professionals because that can make them choke. If they're muggy, it means they're super, super bad for you - because muggy for an ENT is kind of weird. ENTJ wants a practical romance, but with a degree of nerdiness. They're total nerds, probably honoring high school students and kings and queens who drink alcohol in college. ENTJ tells you exactly what you want, when you want it and why it makes the most sense. They are good, direct, and sincere pals.

Here's how you can tell if an ENTJ is flirting with you:

1. Maybe not the most romantic - but they are straightforward, using the word sexy rather than romantic.

2. ENTJ are great for long-term relationships. They know what they want, they know what you want, and they try to fuse it together. You are pro success, not failure. Failure is not a word in their dictionary.

3. You will spice things up from time to time. If you feel like things are going away, you may be in an existential crisis and start saying new or unconventional things to get your attention.

4. ENTJ is cool with pictures, harsh references, and sexual innuendos.

5. ENTJ like to laugh, they like to make you laugh, and they like dirty jokes. The dirtier ... the better.

6. They'll talk about plans, they want to make plans, they want to know things down to the last detail, they want to know you, they want to know the plan. Per plan. Not for spontaneity.

7. They will do pretty normal things pretty often. You might get confused if you're really random, either dealing with it or running away depending on your mood.

8. ENTJ wants security. If you don't seem sure, they'll run. Don't do anything to worry them. ENTJ wants success, success is the secret of your heart! Don't forget how much they love, breathe, and create success. SUCCESS. YOU MUST SCREAM SUCCESS. Show your talents to be an ENTJ.

9. ENTJ likes emojis. Particularly inappropriate.

10. They will do you pretty consistently and in a pretty orderly manner.


ENTP is a flirt, a lawyer, and a very accomplished but messy soul. ENTP will do everything possible to ensure that the people in their lives are fine. You can call an ENTP at any time and have a toolset on hand, a charger, and everything you need. ENTP is a passionate person who constantly deals with the different philosophies of life. They make great armchairs intellectuals. If an ENTP likes someone, they will be selected gradually and at the speed that the other is offering. They like to go with the flow. They like to do what they think is socially cool - they don't want to go against the tide and become uncool. They don't want their buddy to think they're nonsensical. An ENTP can be insecure when it comes to a love match. They need someone to add romantic fuel to them ... or things will be dead. They are quite a number of people who were mostly friendly in the beginning. They want a drink in there somewhere. They want to celebrate with you under a tree. ENTP loves parties. You also love social media.

Here's how you can tell if an ENTP is flirting with you:

  1. You get a lot of information, sometimes cheeky and questionable.
  2. You will use it to take away drinks or just sit in a coffee shop.
  3. An ENTP will be in touch to see how you are doing. They could come over to save you from a bad day. They'll help you with broken doorknobs, broken cars, and trips to work. ENTP sees the point in helping others. If you want to adhere to an ENTP, give them a call for help. That gets you in the right direction. They find it attractive to be a reliable person.
  4. ENTP is a very philosophical personality. They prefer to have face-to-face conversations. They will meet you in a philosophical way if they like you. They speak their minds and offer you more information because they trust you more and like you more than the average person.
  5. An ENTP will talk to you about common interests, they will try to make you laugh, and they will also complain about the daily inconveniences of life. ENTP will flirt and say crazy things like "You're the greatest woman ever! Bigger than Cleopatra or the Queen of England!" That's what they say over coffee.
  6. ENTP attorney types tend to have an eye for alcohol. They will be glad if you like the same drinks and games as them. You could be recruited as a love interest if you make a good drinking partner.
  7. They will invite you to anything if they like you.
  8. They will create something unique for you and give you a picture of it.
  9. They could have got you drunk - and it could be intense.
  10. When you like someone, do what you can to be their buddy. They like friendship a lot, they like sexual things and romance - romance is fine, really. Just okay.