What is the history of Honeywell

1885 Albert M. Butz, a son of Swiss immigrants, is developing a flap control for coal stoves in Minneapolis, Minnesota / USA, together with a colleague, a thermostatic system that can automatically regulate the room temperature in residential buildings with the help of existing technology. In 1885 the patents are registered and the "Butz Thermo-Electric Regulator Company" is founded. It is the first company to offer products for automatic indoor temperature control for sale.

 1888 The company's founder leaves Minneapolis. His patents are held by lawyers in the Consolidated Temperature Controlling Company.

 1892 After the company was renamed "Electric Thermostat Company", William Richard Sweatt took over management of the company. Ten years later he becomes the sole owner of the company, which is now known as the "Electric Heat Regulator Company".

1912 The company builds its first factory in Minneapolis and changes its name to the Minneapolis Heat Regulator Company.

1924 Mark C. Honeywell, a pioneer of automation technology, develops the clock thermostat in his company "Honeywell Heating Specialties Company".

1927 William R. Sweatt, owner of Minneapolis Heat Regulator Company, and Mark C. Honeywell, owner of Honeywell Heating Specialties Company in Wabash, Indiana, are merging their two companies. The new company called "Minneapolis-Honeywell Regulator Company" is founded as a public company and in 1928 had sales of $ 5.25 million.

1934 The product range for industrial applications can be greatly expanded through the acquisition of the "Brown Instruments Company" at the end of 1934. Founded in Philadelphia in 1859, the company produced display and write control devices for industrial processes. The Brown Instruments Company was already active internationally. The first pillar in Europe was the "N.V. Nederlandsche Minneapolis-Honeywell", which was founded in 1934. At the height of its pre-war activities, the company had 15 Dutch and German employees. Other foreign subsidiaries followed quickly in England (1936) and Sweden (1938). After the war, the three companies in Amsterdam, London and Stockholm are rebuilt, plus a company in Brussels (1946) and Zurich (1947).

1942 Due to the demands placed on the company during the preparations for the American participation in the Second World War, the Aero Division developed as the basis of today's Aerospace division.

 1945 The company's turnover exceeds the 100 million dollar mark for the first time. Over 17,000 people are employed worldwide.

50s Honeywell is opening additional offices and manufacturing facilities around the world.

The Swiss company Honeywell AG was founded on July 29, 1947 and was temporarily based in Zurich's Bahnhofstrasse. The Americans responsible for the new company, Charles Meech and Leo de Bruyn, rented a room in a 4-room apartment on Langstrasse in Zurich. The Honeywell company was able to start operations.

1953 Perhaps the best-known control device in the world, the Honeywell T68 "The Round®" thermostat, replaces the previous bulky and rectangular regulators in living areas. "The Round" is as well known in the US today as Coca-Cola or McDonalds. It's still being made.

 60sYears Honeywell is also entering other areas of automation technology (industrial automation, sensor technology, aerospace). In 1967, Honeywell's sales exceeded the $ 1 billion mark for the first time. Honeywell performs leading development work in the field of building control technology.

80s Global partnerships to strengthen the company are entered into. The establishment of joint ventures in West and East increases the internationality and breadth of Honeywell. In 1980 the Heinrich Braukmann fittings factory in Germany is acquired and renamed Honeywell Braukmann GmbH. In 1984, Centra Bürkle GmbH was acquired in the area of ​​heating control.

90s In Eastern Europe, branches are opened in Budapest, Prague, Bratislava, Warsaw, Kiev, Sofia and Bucharest. In 1993 Honeywell's Vienna headquarters moved to a new office on Handelquai in Vienna. In Germany, the metal works Neheim Goeke & Co. (MNG) are acquired by Honeywell. In the course of 1996, the group management decided to relocate the headquarters for all Eastern European activities to Prague.


For over 60 years, the globally active Honeywell Technology Group has been represented in Switzerland by Honeywell AG.Since 2001 the administration of Honeywell AG with a total of 70 employees has been located in the company headquarters in Dielsdorf.