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The momentum among founders is high, but only one in ten startups survives in the long term. Berlin is one of the most dynamic ecosystems for founders.

The economy for startups is still good - also and especially in Germany: Last year venture capitalists invested a record amount of almost five billion euros in young companies, as I showed last week on the blog with the annual “Startup Barometer” .

The figures for entrepreneurs and their innovations around the world are also quite impressive: In total, the world population of more than seven billion people has a good 400 million founders around the globe, as a scientific study shows.

They found 100 million start-ups worldwide every year. And in the same period, 86 million start-ups were shut down again - which proves that the dynamism of founders is high, but only one in ten companies survives in the long term - or in other words: nine out of ten startups give up at some point.

The best cities for start-ups are currently Beijing, Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia, Moscow, Tel Aviv, Warsaw and Cairo. And in terms of the entire startup ecosystem, Boston, Berlin, Bangalore, Istanbul and Sydney are currently ahead, as a recent study shows.

Many more facts and figures on startups and the most popular sectors for start-ups in the following infographic - click twice to enlarge:

Source: Mobilunity

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