What is the upper secondary level

Swiss education system


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Secondary level II

After compulsory schooling, young women and men with basic vocational training and general schools have three options for their training at upper secondary level:

  • Basic vocational training (with or without vocational school-leaving certificate) in a training company, as a school-based basic training or in a training workshop
  • The technical secondary school (with a specialist Matura or certificate)
  • The grammar school (with a high school diploma)
  • An alternative is the bridging offer (e.g. SfB, pre-apprenticeship, internship etc.)


Tertiary level

Higher vocational education / college

A successfully completed training at the upper secondary level (basic vocational training EFZ, technical secondary school, grammar school) enables access to further training at the so-called tertiary level (higher vocational training / technical college / university) and / or to other further training.

  • Higher vocational training (professional examination BP, higher technical examination (HFP), higher technical schools HF)
  • Universities (technical colleges, teacher training college, universities / ETH)
  • Advanced training

Depending on the previous education and requirements, the completion of a professional or technical baccalaureate, a passerelle, an entrance exam or previous further training may be a prerequisite for admission to the desired course of study.