Japanese women find muscular men unattractive

Women don't like muscular men!

All singles, take note: men and women like the opposite sex on completely different things than you might have expected! But what is really important in order to be able to score points with the other?

When is it better to flirt than on a warm spring day in the park or on a mild summer evening with a barbecue? The hormones are currently playing a little crazy anyway, so it should be easy to score points with the opposite sex ... Many men also train regularly in order to leave the most lasting impression possible on women. But the latest survey shows that men should go to the library rather than the gym and worry more about their education than about their gluteus maximus.

Intelligence beats six packs

Better a raccoon belly with a brain than a well-trained guy! All fitness enthusiasts who were previously convinced that their bodies were their greatest potential now have to be very strong - sometimes mentally - because in a survey only two percent of women said they found muscular men irresistible. Intelligent men, on the other hand, found 34% of single women attractive. Also very popular: humor and a sympathetic smile. And love seems to go through the nose, because 20% of women said they let themselves be seduced by good smells. Men who treat themselves to a refreshing shower after the gym should at least have better chances with women than their sweaty training colleagues.

Men like good manners

If women tend to be skeptical about male mucking, more than a quarter of men find women with a good figure particularly attractive. Especially when women can put their bodies in the limelight - especially when dancing - the guys melt away. On the other hand, the beloved does not have to be particularly athletic, only two percent of men care.

Which woman is now asking herself, in view of her little tummy and with regard to her own dance style, which can be described as very special, how she can conquer the world of men, should rely on courtesy and good manners! Because those who say "please" and "thank you" in the old-fashioned way are more popular than those who wiggle their hips in a trendy way: 59% of men said that they could not resist a woman with good manners. So if you know that a dance invitation would end in a motor disaster, you should rather politely decline it with a "No, thank you" and start a humorous conversation - because men and women become weak!