How do the Chinese define China

Business etiquetteCorrect behavior in China

The exchange of business cards is an essential part of the greeting. Business cards are the most important medium for making the hierarchical position in the company clear. In addition, the Chinese underline the status of their company and their employees with high-quality paper and a representative design.

Information on business cards of western company representatives such as “manager”, “sales manager”, “technical support” or “engineer FH” is not very helpful in meeting the needs of Chinese business partners. They want to know whether they are dealing with the most senior decision-maker or a deputy. From the perspective of the Chinese partners, the highest-ranking decision-maker signals a high level of interest in the business being made and the highest level of appreciation. If it is a substitute, the information about the position in the hierarchy is important.

The business cards of Chinese business partners contain hierarchical information such as “President”, “General Manager” or “Head of ...”. In addition, you will sometimes be given more information on social status, such as membership in a prestigious golf club.

So invest in printing new business cards to meet the needs of your Chinese business partners:

  • Print your business cards bilingual in English and Chinese.
  • Choose clear hierarchical names such as “General Manager Sales”, “Head of Technical Support” or “Director Quality Management”.
  • Choose a good quality paper.