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Off to Santa Claus!

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Off to Santa Claus!

Everyone knows that the only real Santa Claus is from Finland. However, some do not know that it can be visited all year round. The official office of the man with the bushy beard is located on the mysterious Arctic Circle and everyone is cordially invited. Welcome!

His office in Rovaniemi is open every day of the year and Santa Claus welcomes young and old there. Have a chat with him and enjoy the magical atmosphere. This man is on the road to bring good luck all over the world - together with his furry friends, the reindeer.

The friendly gentleman in red may only visit you once a year, but he welcomes anyone who wants to pay him a visit during the rest of the year. Don't turn down this invitation!



In Lapland, the noise and hustle and bustle of a ski resort or town are only minutes away from the peace and quiet of the wilderness.

Warm and cozy

Santa's house is just as warm and inviting as the big man himself. His office is probably the most exciting place in the world for children. There he patiently listens to the children's wishes, and maybe they'll sing a Christmas carol together.

  • Good deeds

    Christmas is the time of good deeds. The Finns sprinkle oats or grains for the birds to help them survive the cold winter.

    The magic of Christmas is omnipresent. It is a time of goodwill that is spent with family and friends. Santa Claus also loves the little joys of the festive season - he likes to eat the freshly baked, delicious ginger biscuits from Mrs. Santa Claus.

  • Here we go!

    Santa Claus and Rudolf are an inseparable team and keep each other company on their journeys over high, snow-covered mountains.

    It is imperative that Santa's reindeer regain strength before Christmas Eve, and lichens work wonders. You might even be able to pet a real reindeer when you visit Santa Claus - but be sure to keep an eye out for the red-nosed one!

  • Everyone is welcome

    Santa Claus only comes home to the children once a year, but he is happy to welcome you into his own home and show you everything.

  • Dear Santa

    Santa's office has received letters from 198 countries, and thousands more arrive every year.

    The address is: Santa Claus, Santa Claus’s Main Post Office, 96930 Napapiiri, Finland.


    Where does Santa Claus find the energy and time to bring mountains of gifts to children all over the world? And to receive visitors in his office every day of the year?

    From the midnight sun, of course! Three long summer months with 24 hours of sunlight in Lapland ensure that Santa Claus and his elves have refueled for the long winters.