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Tip and question about TryPack from Sample Logic

Hello everyone!

Here is my report about the TryPack. The purpose of the TryPack is - as the name suggests - to provide interested parties with a selection of instruments almost free of charge so that they want to buy individual packages. From 7 packages we find 5 instruments per package.

The project goes wrong - for me at least -. But that's probably because I probably don't belong to the target group. I could imagine that the target group here are people who are very much in the direction of "electro music". But I am happy to be taught a lesson here.

Why is it wrong?

First (that's the main reason): Aren't my sounds.

Second: I don't really know what exactly the packages stand for. After all, they cost a few hundred dollars each. At BestService, for example, the packages are well defined. It says it is inside. Friends of medieval music buy Medieval Era, etc. I find all sounds quite similar with the TryPack.

Air Expandedprobably delivers atmospheric sounds, as the name might suggest. The sounds themselves are "usable". Not more. But at least. I think it's nice, however, that the sound can be easily adjusted using a clear interface. So far I've thought. Good name fits the content to some extent.

The sounds of Cinematic Guitarsobviously have guitar samples as a basis. At least it could be like that. Every now and then everything is reminiscent of a guitar. Again, however, it is instruments that have that typical electro-music touch. Could have been in the first package too. Nobody would have noticed.

At fanfareI am then slowly sure that it really could have been a package. Of course the sounds go in the direction of brass. But so electronically deformed that it is still the "monotony".

The sounds of Marphestrahowever, are a little different. Clearly "same target group", but not quite the monotony described. But I still find it difficult to define a suitable framework here. What kind of sounds these are.

At Rumpleyou can (at least with the 5 instruments supplied) describe the content quite well. The whole thing offers the possibility to provide rhythmic bases for electronic sounds. At the push of a button, you get a lot for a push of a button.

With Synergyyou can give your electronic music a little exotic touch. At least this is what the 5 examples suggest.

The Elements EXP then delivers quite dark surfaces and loops, as far as one can judge this with 5 instruments.

Conclusion: all in all very similar sounds. In my opinion, if you wanted to buy the packages, you would get too little for the money. But: In the end, I'm not sure whether the TryPack really went wrong. For ME the whole thing is not really something. But that's exactly what TryPacks are for. Before making a purchase, assess whether the money is really worth it. And I'm sure that there are some people who contradict me violently and say "great sounds. And the packages are anything but the same."

In short: Sure. Not my musical direction. Nevertheless, well-programmed surfaces. And for $ 5, you get good consideration. I find the purchase packages themselves much too expensive.