Where millennials end and Generation Z begins

Generation Z - 1997 to 2012

The World Wide Web, MP3 players, SMS, smartphones, tablets and of course social media. This is your generation and is rightly considered the digital natives. Digitally positioned in all areas of life. However, your generation lacks the willingness to commit to a company. You shape the term work-life balance and strive for a clear separation of professional and private life. Free time begins at 5 p.m. at the latest!

Generation Y - 1981 to 1996

Also Mellennials or Generation Me. The "Y" is pronounced in English like the word "why", which is supposed to be characteristic of your all-questioning generation. You are statistically well trained, technically savvy and prefer to work in teams and flat hierarchies. You weren't so sure about the name after all, because the generations Chips, Maybe, What and Crisis are also alternatives to the name of your generation.

Generation X - 1965 to 1980

The term "Generation X" appeared in a documentary about young people after the Second World War as early as the mid-1950s, but only your generation got this name. For the first time they grew up without the influence of war and yet atone for the economic and ecological sins of World War II. Your “lessness” prestige, little dignity, little use and no future, speaks for your generation that lives according to the motto “less is more”.

Baby Boomer - 1946 to 1964

You don't have too few children, you are one of many yourself - at least according to statistics. After World War II, there was a baby boom among both winning and losing countries. Some earlier, others a little later. In Germany, the high birth rate did not begin until the mid-1950s. The end of the generation brought the pill break - the introduction of the birth control pill, which is, however, hotly debated by many theorists today. A simple trend towards fewer children seems to be the reason.

According to sociologists, you are a happy generation with the motto “live and let live”.

Quiet Generation - 1928 to 1945

You were shaped by the Second World War and were uncertain about your future due to the circumstances. The silence is based on the fear of expressing thoughts openly. They are active and are considered to be the generation that tackled things.

And what comes after Z?

In which generation will the children of Generation Y end up? Clearly, after Z comes ... A. Not because of Apple, but because of Alpha. Futurologists have spoken out in favor of the name Generation Alpha. You will grow up with the iPad and will never live without a smartphone and are even more efficiently linked online than the generations before you. It will be normal for you to speak to the house and the car.