How does Netflix pay for its content

How does Netflix license series and films?

Netflix works with many content providers to get the streaming rights for a wide variety of series and films.

But we also produce our own content and acquire exclusive rights to content, including Orange is the New Black, Stranger Things, BoJack Horseman, Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt and many more. We refer to these productions as Netflix Originals.

I'm looking for a specific title, but I can't find it. Why doesn't Netflix have what I'm looking for?

Netflix works with content providers, distributors, producers, and filmmakers and series makers to obtain licenses to stream films and series. If certain content is not available to stream, it could be due to a number of factors such as the following:

  • The content rights are currently held exclusively by another company.

  • The content provider does not offer streaming rights.

  • Popularity, cost, seasonal and regional factors, or availability.

  • Using a VPN restricts access to content so that only series and films that are available for all regions of the world can be accessed. For more information, see Watch TV shows and movies on a VPN.

If you're looking for a title we have offered in the past, see Why Titles Are No Longer Available on Netflix to learn why titles are expiring.

Why is a title available in one country and not in another?

There are many reasons a series or movie may only be available to viewers in certain countries or regions, including:

Regional flavors
We try to make our service as regional as possible. For example, a title can be hugely popular with viewers in the US, but completely uninteresting to members in the UK - even though English is spoken in both regions.

Multiple rights holders
Several studios or distributors can have regional rights to a series or film. For example, we may enter into an agreement with a distributor to broadcast a title produced in America in Latin America before we can reach an agreement with the production studio for the title to be broadcast in the United States.

No rights available for a region
Sometimes a title is simply not available in a particular region. We cannot license a title for a region for which there is no license provider.

Why are some Netflix Originals available in one country and not available in another?

For some Netflix originals, we own all the rights to the title and can stream it worldwide. These originals include Narcos, BoJack Horseman, Master of None, Beasts of No Nation, and more.

Some Netflix Originals are not available in all regions for the following reasons:

  • Some Netflix originals were created at a time when Netflix was only available in a few countries. We did not secure the worldwide license rights for these series.

  • It is possible that other companies have the streaming rights for a Netflix original because license agreements were concluded in the region concerned before Netflix was launched.

  • Depending on the region, Netflix may take many years to acquire the license rights for an original series.

These Netflix originals, for which we do not yet have the worldwide license rights, include Orange is the New Black, Arrested Development and Lilyhammer.

How does Netflix know which movies and series I like?

Netflix uses a variety of methods to help its members find great shows and movies that they will enjoy. For our suggested titles, we not only use the ratings you may give, but also metrics such as viewing and search habits. We also use these metrics to determine which titles we want to license or purchase in the future.

How does Netflix do it?
Netflix pays attention to what members watch to better understand their preferences and provide them with personalized recommendations based on them. It takes into account which new series you watch, how much of an episode you watch, which genres you watch most often and which language you prefer for playback. Based on these preferences, Netflix suggests new series and movies to members that they should enjoy.

All information that Netflix keeps an eye on for this reason is of course treated with the strictest confidentiality and is only used to find out what the individual members like to watch - so that you can quickly discover and enjoy great titles instead of searching for a long time !

When can I watch my favorite show on Netflix?

While there is no set schedule for new content purchases, we are constantly adding new titles to keep our members interesting. For an overview of each new title, see the New to Netflix page of the Netflix website. Of course, you can also follow Netflix on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for the latest information on new additions and exact release dates.

What is a series premiere and why can't I watch the latest episode right away? When will it be available?

When a series is first broadcast, Netflix makes a series available for streaming shortly after it is first broadcast on television. Netflix enters into first-time series deals to ensure that the series in question will be shown on Netflix first after it has been shown on television for the first time. The terms of these contracts vary, but typically Netflix customers can view any episode of the series for one week after it first aired.

The following must be taken into account:

  • Netflix does not have the option of offering the series in all regions for all contracts for a series first broadcast. In particular, in the region in which the series was first shown on television, it may subsequently not be offered on Netflix.

  • In regions where Netflix programs individual episodes of a series first broadcast on a weekly basis, the series may be referred to as Netflix Original.

    • For example, Better Call Saul is a Netflix Original series in all regions where this series is currently offered (except the US and Canada).

  • The exact date a series will first be available on Netflix will vary and will depend on the schedule for the first TV broadcast.

    • For some series with new episodes every week, there may be individual weeks in which no new episode is added. If the first TV broadcast of new episodes is interrupted, Netflix will not be able to show a new episode of the series in question, but once the broadcast resumes Netflix will resume regular release.

  • Some contracts allow all episodes of a season to be included in the offer at once after all episodes of this season have been broadcast in the original region by the original broadcaster.

Is there a series or movie that you would like to see on Netflix? To find out how to suggest titles for Netflix, see the Suggest a series or movie.