Can I become a successful writer

Become an author - the path to becoming a writer

If you want to become a writer, you should think about a few things in advance. The path to becoming an author, and especially to your first book publication, is not easy. Many people have the desire to get a novel published by a publisher. But only very few manuscripts sent in are accepted and published. If it works with a publication, the first work will be faced with a variety of other titles. In 2018 alone there was 71,548 new books (Year 2017: 72,800 new publications). The number of publications has decreased slightly in recent years. In 2010 (84,351) and 2007 (86,084) the new releases were at a record high. Regardless, the competition in the book market is fierce every year.

What is the market like for new releases? A third was fiction. In this area of ​​beautiful literature in particular, there are many people who want to become authors. There is also great competition in literature for children and young people. Advisors have another noteworthy market share. The Börsenverein publishes the "sales shares of the product groups" on the book market every year. The market shares for the individual product groups have changed only slightly in recent years.

Product groupMarket shareChanges to 2017
Fiction31.5 percent- 0.4 percent
Books for children and young readers16.6 percent+0.3 percent
counselor14.0 percent- 0.3 percent
School and learning11.0 percent+ 0.1 percent
Non-fiction10.6 percent+ 0.7 percent
to travel5.7 percent- 0.2 percent
Humanities, art, music4.4 percent- 0.2 percent
Natural sciences3.6 percent- 0.2 percent
Social sciences, law, economics2.6 percent+ 0.1 percent
(New publications 2018, source: Bö

So if you want to become a writer, there is one thing you should be clear about: It's a tough road to get there. However, others have already successfully embarked on this path before you, why shouldn't you succeed too? The most difficult thing is certainly the publication of the first book. The first novel by a writer usually arises in the limited amount of free time after school or after work. While others sit in the beer garden in sunny weather or enjoy the evening TV, you sit in a quiet little room, rethink formulations and work on characters such as the villain of the story. It goes on for weeks and months. As you can see, life as an author is not that easy. In principle, anyone can become a writer, but if you have certain characteristics to become an author, it is a little easier.