Who are the ethical hackers in Nepal

Silke Dietrich: "I love challenges"

Status: 03/26/2018 4:09 p.m.
Silke Diettrich has also worked as a radio reporter in South America.

Growing up in the Lower Rhine province, between cooling towers and lignite excavators, I've always been drawn to the south. I studied in southern Spain, toured South America and worked for a few radio stations there. So I didn't hesitate long when I received the request to go to South Asia - even if South Asia as a reporting area almost sounds like a threat: In 2014 the World Health Organization published a "ranking" of the 20 worst cities in terms of air pollution. All 20 cities are in India, Pakistan or Bangladesh. New Delhi unfortunately tops this sad list. The mega-cities seem to explode in front of too many people.

Surprising stories from the region

Silke Diettrich with a great-granddaughter of the great Mahatma Gandhi in his home state of Gujarat in India.

I have to report about attacks in Afghanistan or Pakistan, about earthquake victims in Nepal or extremists in the Maldives. Fortunately, there is not only war, crisis or terror in South Asia. It is important to me to tell surprising stories from the region, some of which have a lot to do with the reality of our lives in Germany. Because even if the people in Afghanistan live in constant fear of falling victim to an attack, the young people there are also familiar with casting shows. In Bangladesh, girls dare to surf boards - and one of the best ethical hackers comes from Pakistan.

New Delhi - a place that knows no silence

Living in the city of New Delhi is a daily challenge: The unhealthy air is omnipresent, unbearable heat or humidity, far too many people in a place that knows no silence - and where nothing seems to work right away, but always several Needs starts.

That definitely challenges me: I always need a plan B or a plan C. But this vibration in South Asia also exudes a kind of magic that you can hardly avoid. Or, to put it with a pinch of the optimistic Bollywood mentality: "In the end everything will be fine. A happy ending, so to speak! And if the end isn't good, it's not the end yet!"

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