When will Malaysia declare war on Thailand?

In the south of Thailand there has been a war between various armed groups on the one hand and the government on the other since 2004.

In southern Thailand there are predominantly Muslims, while the majority in Thailand are Buddhist. Some of the Muslim minority are originally from Malaysia and speak a different language. They are often excluded and suppressed. Between 1940 and 1980 the government tried to teach the people of the Muslim faith the Buddhist way of life. In the course of this, there were a number of uprisings.


Why did rebel groups form?

In the 1980s the Muslim minority was granted a right to their religion and tradition. In 2001 a new prime minister came to power. Under him there was renewed tension with the Muslims in southern Thailand. A few rebel groups were formed and they continue to fight for the rights of Muslims in Thailand with violence.


What do the rebel groups want?

The armed groups are demanding more participation, some want to be completely independent from Thailand and belong to Malaysia. In 2004 the first fighting between the rebels and the government army broke out. In southern Thailand, the government declared a state of emergency and sent 6,000 soldiers to the region to militarily control the area.


What do the peace talks mean?

There have been official peace talks since 2013, and since 2015 even with representatives of six armed groups. The government army is also involved in the talks. At times one can also see a decrease in violence. Although there are still acts of violence, the peace talks continue. That's a good sign.