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Almost half of all German companies will probably allow their employees to work remotely even after the Covid crisis. One can expect that in the future many potential employees will inquire about remote work with future employers, either for possibilities to work completely from home or only one or two days a week.

World-famous companies already know the advantages of remote Java developers in building solid apps and websites. Since mid-2020 Java has been in 2nd place worldwide in terms of the number of vacancies for Java developers *. Here are some more interesting facts about Java:

  1. 90% of all Fortune 500 companies use Java
  2. Currently, 3,209,542 live websites ** are being developed on Java EE.
  3. 40.2% *** of all developers in the world use Java.
  4. Java was originally developed by James Gosling at Sun Microsystems.
  5. In 2019 there were 7.6 million Java developers worldwide

Proportion of websites that use Java (W3Tech's report as of June 30, 2020).

In the article you will find:

  1. Java developer salary in Germany
  2. Average Java Developer Salary by Country
  3. Java developer salary based on experience
  4. Java developer salaries in the world's leading technology cities
  5. Number of Java developers worldwide
  6. Java popularity by country
  7. A recruiter's perspective for recruiting Java developers
  8. Why Hire Java Developers in Ukraine?

What is the average (gross) salary of a Java developer in Germany?

According to PayScale, the average gross salary of a Java developer in Germany is around 48,691 euros per year. A junior Java developer with 1 to 4 years of experience earns an average of annually in Germany 46,336 euros. A software developer with 5–9 years of work experience deserves 53,553 euros per year while a senior Java developer with 10-19 years of experience 58,981 euros gets.

Average salary for Java developers in Germany

Salary of a Java developer in GermanyNational averageJunior developerMiddle developerSenior developer

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Average Java developer salary (gross) by country

The gross salary for Java developers in Switzerland is the highest at EUR 80.089 per year. Israel takes second place with an average total salary of 58.842 euros. The salary of a Java developer in Denmark is 58.755 euros per year, and the average salary for a Java developer in Norway is 49.644 euros.

The average salary of a Java developer in Germany is 48.691 euros per year (gross).

In Australia, a Java developer earns an average of 46.888 euros, while his colleague in Sweden earns an average salary of 43.849 euros per year. In the Netherlands, a Java specialist earns around 44,945 euros a year. The average salary of a Java developer in Austria is 44,992 euros.

A Java developer living in Canada earns 42,460 euros a year. In Ireland and the UK, Java developers earn around € 38,371. The average salary of a Java developer in New Zealand and Belgium is around 34.107 euros per year.

Java developer salaries in selected countries worldwide

countryNational average salary 2020
The USA€63,261
The Netherlands€44,945
The UK€38,371
New Zealand€34,168

Java developer salary based on work experience (gross)

According to PayScale:

  • Most junior Java developer salaries range between 31.875 euros and 76.416 euros.
  • Most middle Java developer salaries range between 41.476 euros and 87.234 euros.
  • Most senior Java developer salaries range between 101.832 euros and 106.587 euros.

Average salary of a Java developer based on professional experience

countryJunior developerMiddle developerSenior developer
The Netherlands$38,833$59,871$59,636
The UK$42,386$51,730$50,882
New Zealand$38,177$48,642$55,704

Gross salaries for Java developers in the world's leading technology cities

The highest average Java developer salary is found in San Francisco with 78.920 euros. In Washington DC, the average Java developer salary is around 68,587 euros. In Chicago and Los Angeles at 60.513 euros or. 64,542 euros. These are followed by Amsterdam, where a Java developer is average 47,254 euros earned. In London there is a Java developer salary 46.864 euros per year.

Java developer salaries in the world's leading technology cities

cityJava developer salary
Washington DC$80,408
San Francisco$92,522
los Angeles$75,666

Number of Java developers worldwide

In 2019 there were 7.6 million Java developers worldwide. According to a more recent report by Daxx 2020, the number of Java developers in different countries is distributed as follows:

  • The number of Java developers in the US is 63,000
  • The number of Java developers in the UK is 14,000
  • The number of Java developers in Ukraine is 8,000
  • The number of Java developers in Germany is 6,000
  • The number of Java developers in the Netherlands is 6.00

* The above numbers may be incomplete and represent only a general distribution of technical talent around the world.

Number of Java developers

Popularity of Java

In the past 5 years, the popularity of Java has increased by 8%. In comparison, its competitor Python shows a growth of 20.3%. According to PYPL PopularitY, Java advanced to 2nd place among the most popular programming languages ​​in 2020.

Java also ranks 2nd in the TIOBE index for June 2020.

According to Hackerrank Research 2020, Java is the third most searched for programming language and the second most popular programming language in the world.

According to the Java Developer Productivity Report 2020, the majority of Java developers have 2 to 5 years of experience.

How popular is Java in different countries?

According to Google Trends, Ukraine has 88 the highest score on the Index for Interest in Java Development. The Netherlands follow suit 77 Points. Germany, Belgium and the USA follow suit 73, 72 and 71 Points.

Top countries for hiring Java developers


Index for interest in Java development

The Netherlands77
The USA71

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How do I recruit good Java developers? From a recruiter's perspective

Follow these tips if you want to hire Java developers for your project:

  • Before interviewing candidates:

  1. Choose a cooperation model that suits your needs.

If you have sufficient technical skills and recruitment experience, you can hire Java developers directly and manage them yourself.

However, if you need professional assistance with the technical management of the developers, it is better to hire a software outsourcing company to help you manage and hire Java developers.

For short-term projects, such as adding a feature or two to an existing project or making simple updates, hiring a freelancer may be a sensible option.

However, if you are looking for developers who will work full-time directly on your teams, but do not want to limit your search to the local IT talent market or are on a budget, consider hiring a remote Java developer.

  1. Clarify your requirements.

Most job descriptions sound generic and contain little valuable information about the project. This makes it difficult for potential applicants to understand the project requirements and determine whether they can even meet your expectations.

Make sure you accurately describe the technical requirements as well as the soft skills you want. For example, good knowledge of the core technologies of your stack can be a must, while experience in a certain subject or a degree in a subject relevant to your project could be considered “nice-to-have”. Integrate central details about the projects and your personal (but only well-founded) preferences.

  1. Arouse curiosity about a Java position

Before you start choosing from the applications for a Java developer position and interviewing applicants, you should make as much information as possible about your project publicly available to them (taking into account confidentiality, of course). The more details you can convey about your project, the higher the likelihood that Java developers will be interested in your job posting.

Before asking applicants to explain how you can be useful for your business, give them some insight into what you can offer them. Is it a unique tech stack to gain experience with or an innovative product to contribute to? Do you offer a particularly competitive salary or other benefits?

  • Evaluation of candidates:

  1. Check résumés carefully.

Resumes are a great way to evaluate your Java developers before meeting them. However, the information contained in a résumé may be limited. For example, some of an applicant's projects may be covered by confidentiality agreements, while their own projects, personal experiments, or the like that are not directly related to the developer's work may not be listed at all.

Also, be careful not to rashly reject an applicant because you think that two years of experience will not be enough for your project. Some developers can gain extensive hands-on experience with different technologies and domains in just one year, while others tinker with a single project with a limited technical stack for 5 years.

  1. Ask for more information

While doing a pre-interview test may not always be a good idea (remember, every developer has their time precious), encourage your applicants to provide CVs with additional information or resources they think are appropriate.

A link to an applicant's GitHub profile, relevant code samples, a list of diplomas or awards, published articles, etc. can be a valuable addition to an otherwise imperfect resume.

  1. Follow a structured interview process

First, write down a list of the key questions and topics you want to address. You can also design possible answers to these questions to prepare for follow-up questions.

  1. Make the interview a dialogue, not an interrogation

Don't just ask questions, show willingness to answer questions. If an applicant shows no interest in your project or company, it is quite likely that they are not very motivated to work with you.

If you disagree with some of the statements made by the Java developers, ask them to explain their views and to express your own opinion. Remember, truth can emerge from sparks of opposing ideas.

If an applicant seems really suitable for you, don't think too long before making an offer. Really good Ukrainian developers often interview for 3-4 jobs at a time - call before your competitors ring the applicant through.

Why hire Java developers in Ukraine?

With 200,000 software developers, Ukraine is one of the world's leading target countries for outsourcing.

  • The salary of a middle Java developer in Ukraine is between 1,620 euros and 2.473 euros. The salaries for Java developers in the USA, Germany and the Netherlands are significantly higher and range between 44,960 euros and 63,283 euros.
  • There are 8,000 Java developers in Ukraine - more than in the Netherlands and Germany.
  • 34% of the Ukrainian developers speak English at B1 level, 34% B2 level and 13% at B2 / C1 level.
  • 52% programmers in Ukraine work 40 to 60 hours a week.
  • Well-known companies such as Vive, Carerix, IGM, Pricena, Euretos have already recognized the advantages of remote Java developers, especially their hard-working and careful way of working.
  • The number of well-qualified Java programmers is growing steadily, as the IT branch is one of the most dynamic and best-paid branches in the country. 29% of Ukrainian developers have 3–5 years of experience,25% - 1-2 years and 17%6 to 10 years Experience.

Cooperation with Daxx

With Daxx you can hire some of the best Java developers in Ukraine. You take an active part in every phase of the selection process and interview applicants personally.

Advantages of our model:

  • Fast recruitment. With Daxx you get your own Java development team in just one to two months.
  • Large pool of qualified applicants. We have access to hundreds of experienced Java developers with diverse technical skills.
  • Direct collaboration with the developers. There are no project managers between the developers and you. This usually leads to higher productivity and engagement.
  • We take care of all labor law matters. This includes fully equipped workstations, taxes, vacation and sick leave, staff retention, and team building events.
  • Comprehensive support from an HR / client manager. This leads to a quick resolution of communication problems.
  • Predictable costs. Predictable costs. You will always know exactly how much you are paying at the end of each month.

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** https: //
*** https: //

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