Why do I love female foot odor

Doctor Sex: That's why men are on women's feet


A local from Graub√ľnden secretly filmed women's feet and posted them on the Internet. Doctor Sex Bruno Wermuth answers the most important questions about foot fetishism.

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Mr Wermuth, a man in the canton of Graub√ľnden secretly filmed women's feet. As a sexologist, how do you explain such behavior?

Having a sexual preference for feet is a tendency that is comparable to a preference for large breasts, long legs, or buttocks. Only in a few cases does it take on pathological proportions.

When is it pathological?

As long as men can have sex with a partner and live out their preference by letting a woman stimulate them with their feet on the penis, this preference is not a problem. As a man, you don't even have to address it explicitly. It can become problematic if the excitement is concentrated exclusively on the feet as a sexualized object and nothing works without them during sex. For example, if a man constantly needs new pictures of a woman's feet in order to masturbate in front of them, but does not feel aroused during sex with someone who is actually present.

May this be the case with the man who secretly filmed women's feet?

I can not judge over this. It is clear, however, that it is not possible to film women secretly and without their consent and then post the pictures on the Internet. It's a sexual assault, a form of violence. And with the release of the recordings, it gets worse because the assault is multiplied.

How badly do women suffer when they realize that they are among the victims?

It is possible that this causes psychological damage to those affected. This can be a very uncomfortable feeling that makes the victims hard to cope with.

The perpetrator is apparently a voyeur and foot fetishist. Do these tendencies often coincide?

I would not say that. Ultimately, we are all a bit voyeurs; we all react to visual stimuli. As long as we don't bother anyone with our looks, that's okay too. Foot fetishism is certainly not a mass phenomenon, and it is known from research that fetishism actually affects almost only men.

What is it about feet that attracts you?

Usually fetishism is not about the feet, but about stockings, lingerie, painted toenails or high-heeled shoes. Some men do not stand on feet per se, but on the smell of feet. Acting out this is of course not that easy. However, fetishism is actually the wrong word when it comes to feet.

In technical terms, fetishism denotes the sexualization of inanimate objects, but this is a part of the body. As mentioned, fetishes are a male phenomenon. One has to distinguish this from object sexuality, which also exists in women. The point here is that you not only develop a sexual, but also an erotic and emotional relationship with an object or an item. An example would be a woman who has had a long-term love affair with a jukebox.

Bruno Wermuth is a sex counselor and sex educator with a practice in Bern. As "Doctor Sex" he answers questions from 20-minute readers.