How did your friend improve your life

10 Scientifically Proven Reasons Your Best Friend Can Make Your Life Better

The truth is: Nobody can be compared to a best friend - and science agrees too. We've rounded up some of the scientifically proven facts about how your friends affect your life. And don't forget to hug your "beast" when you've finished reading.

1. Best friends reduce stress When you're busy, it's best to call your best friend. A study from 2011 shows that spending time with your best friend relieves stress and quickly awakens positive feelings in you. There is no better person when you need a shoulder to lean on.

2. They give you a sense of belonging Friendships convey a sense of community and meaning. Karyn Hall, a dialectical behavior therapy trainer and author of The Emotionally Sensitive Person blog, points out in one of her posts that connecting with others can work wonders for health. "The feeling of belonging to a larger community gives you motivation, health and joy," she writes. "Through your connection to others you realize that everybody struggles with difficulties every now and then. You are not alone and this knowledge gives you comfort."

3. They help your health Health problems can be scary, but your best friend makes it easier for you to manage them. Research shows that support from others has a positive effect on disease control, as reported by Oprah Magazine. It also reduces your risk of conditions like dementia and relieves symptoms of depression. Your friend's presence can bring even small improvements to your health. Studies suggest that strong social ties can even reduce your risk of catching a cold.

4. Friends help you live longer The source of eternal youth is nothing compared to your best friend. A 2009 study showed that strong support from others can extend your life. According to scientists, this may be because your friends have a healthy influence on your everyday behavior.

5. They strengthen your self-confidence Nobody knows you better than your best friend - that includes your mistakes. But while you tend to put yourself off about it, they appreciate you despite your mistakes. This kind of support is important when it comes to feeling empathy and love for yourself and others. "True friends make you more confident," said Robert Rowney, psychiatrist and director of the mental health department at the Cleveland Clinic of the Huffington Post. "It also works the other way around: when you help a good friend, you feel better about yourself too."

6. Having a honest conversation can help you feel better Studies show that confiding in good friends can improve your health - "Happify" reported. Sometimes you have to show vulnerability when talking about tough topics. "Honesty isn't always easy, but it's important to your bond with one another," said Rowney. "Taking the pill and being your best friend by being honest is always the better way."

7. With them, challenges seem less daunting Are you facing a problem? Then call your best friend. A 2008 study showed that having a friend by your side made challenges less daunting. Of course, this theory is based on a physical test, but the concept can also apply to the psychological component as well. A challenge is a challenge.

8. They make you aware of your mistakes Nobody is perfect - not even you. Fortunately, your best friend is there to kindly remind you of what is right and wrong. He'll get you back on track, and that's a sure sign that he's a real friend. "They can tell you what your negative and positive sides are," said Rowney. "They support you in every situation in life."

9. They strengthen your performance at work Thank your favorite colleague for the last step in your career the next time you see them. Studies show that job satisfaction and commitment increase when you have close friends in the office. Not a bad reason to befriend your coworkers.

10. They generally make you happier There's really no doubt about that - especially if they make you laugh again until your stomach aches. Studies show that having a close friend can lift your spirits exponentially. Not only does your best friend put a smile on your face: New friends can also lighten your mood because their presence releases oxytocin in your body. So your friends aren't just good for a gossip and a hug when you're feeling down. Rather, they improve every aspect of your life. So thank your friends for their friendship - if you haven't already. You are really one of a kind.

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