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Sex addiction (hypersexuality): definition

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Sex addiction (hypersexuality) is sexual behavior or experience that is viewed as too strong. The frequency, the sexual drive or the individual experience can be perceived as too pronounced.

The everyday use of the terms sex addiction and hypersexuality is often frivolous and not infrequently even wrong. Because an openly lived sexuality is not synonymous with sex addiction (hypersexuality). A sex addiction is a addiction-like Experience and act. In a scientific sense, however, the terms sex addiction or hypersexuality are controversial. Rather, one speaks of one increased sexual desire, which is one of the sexual dysfunction.

At the center of a sex addiction is an excessive, extremely heightened urge for sexual satisfaction. Sexuality takes up large parts of everyday life in terms of thoughts and behavior. Affected people are constantly looking for sexual fulfillment, but usually do not experience a sexual climax and cannot establish an inner bond with the respective partner. It is precisely these unsatisfactory sexual experiences that induce the sex addict to keep searching.

Women who live out their sexuality openly and aggressively take the initiative when choosing a partner were also often called in the past Nymphomaniacs or nymphomaniac denotes - based on nymphs, the female natural spirits of Greek mythology.

If, on the other hand, it is a man, one speaks of one Don Juan Complex (Don Juanism) or Satyriasis.


Estimates of how common sexually addictive behavior is vary widely. Depending on how sex addiction (hypersexuality) is defined, the figures vary between one and six percent in the adult population. Significantly more men than women are affected by increased sexual desire.