How is airport security


Terrain safety and security for non-aviation areas

Large airports have now assumed an urban character with tens of thousands of employees and an infrastructure whose storage, sales and production areas outside of the aviation security area are subject to the same requirements with regard to gate and reception services, fire protection posts, etc. as classic administration and production areas. Flight and terminal areas, compensation areas and additional infrastructure usually cover several hectares, which, depending on the security area, have to be protected from the intrusion of strangers.

Perimeter and fence security systems are effective protection if they are monitored, for example, by the mobile security staff of the CONDOR Group or via a security control center. CONDOR has a lot of experience here, including through its own emergency and service control center with a large number of customer properties including video surveillance.

Similar to the plant security area, those who have legitimate access to the premises and buildings must be checked and, if necessary, accompanied for the duration of their stay.

High-quality shops, valuable transport goods and the high number of people around the airport also make airports a great attraction for criminals. The tasks in the non-aviation area therefore also count

  • Mobile and separate security services for sales, storage and office areas,
  • Detective and investigation services, especially for the area of ​​duty-free shops,
  • Gate and reception services,
  • Event services,
  • Fire protection posts and preventive fire protection,
  • Transport services in the area of ​​aviation security and
  • Elevator exemption services.