Poles have round faces

Terrific: This is what your face shape says about you!

Whether square, heart-shaped or oval - the shape of your face reveals a lot of information about your personality, as facial expression experts know. That is interesting and of course also and we have examined all forms.

Most people, however, do not have one unique face shape, but rather a mixture of two or more. Others can be clearly categorized. You can see the most common forms and their meanings here.

The forehead and chin are straight and together form a rectangular face. People of this form are rational and logical thinkers who sometimes OVERRhink things. They plan a lot, but talk little about their feelings. They like to relieve inner tension while doing sports.

The hairline is wide and the cheekbones are padded. You love to be around people, are generous and kind-hearted. The problem can often be that you often pay more attention to others than to yourself and thereby not get what they need in a relationship. Often times, you also have a knack for narcissists.

The face is rather "elongated", the lower jaw and cheekbones are narrow. They always know exactly what to say so that others will feel comfortable and loved with them. However, sometimes you are careful about your choice of words.

The face is broad horizontally and narrow vertically. You like to be in control and insist on your ideas. They are also detail-oriented and convince with quality on the job. You are a good and cultured conversationalist, but you can also have a sharp tongue when someone offends you.

The forehead is broad, the chin pointed. You are an emotionally strong but also stubborn person and you have an incredible amount of energy. When you have a goal you can crush and flatten others, but you move on. You also have good intuition and know when to act and how.