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Generation Z - A generation is always on

Baby boomers, Generation X and Millennials - do you know your way around the different generations? Here you read what the Generation Z defines and how companies define this young target group: What is a target group in marketing? A target group is defined as a group of people whom an advertiser or a special company would like to reach with its marketing measures. Which as general ... Read more can achieve with their communication.

The emergence of Generation Z

Because of the social environment or political events generations are shaped. In doing so, people become one cohort considered over a period of around 15 years. The year of birth is decisive for the division into the respective generation. Even if every person is an individual, certain ones can be determined Parallels in character traits determine. These develop, for example, due to forms of upbringing, economic situation or technological progress. Different views, attitudes and personalities emerge from these circumstances.

What influence Generation Z (short Gen Z) on the job market, my colleague Jenny introduced you to Generation Z - this is what the future looks like. However, companies are not only wondering how they integrate the younger generation as employees. Also the question of the optimal marketing strategy for this target group employs marketers. To find an answer for this, it is worth taking a look at previous generations. Roughly the following time division results:

Baby boomers - born around 1946 to around 1964

These baby boomers are shaped by the post-war period and the economic miracle. Technology hardly played a role in her youth. They experienced the beginnings of telephone and television. Currently there are the Baby boomers already retired or about to do so.

Generation X - born around 1965 to around 1979

The Generation X is increased a certain lack of perspective and attributed to pessimism. The divorce rate rose sharply within these cohorts. The divided Germany into East and West was very influential for the youth of Generation X. Work-life balance stood before professional advancement for the first time.

Generation Y - born around 1980 to around 1995

Synonymous with Generation Y is often used by Millennials spoken. Writing letters was normal. Communication took place face-to-face and later by phone or SMS. The vast majority of this generation is experiencing that Start of digitization, the beginnings of the Internet and the rapid development of the telephone and smartphone. Millennials were shaped by globalization and an initially highly competitive job market.

Generation Z– born around 1995 to around 2012

Always cared for and in one good economic situation born, plays security a big role in this generation. While the previous generation celebrated at the Love Parade, the predominant social contact of Gen Z takes place in the private living room. This young generation is deliberate instead of exaggerating. Social networks play a major role. Private details are shared much more carefully than millennials do.

Digital natives - No generation experiences digitization like Gen Z does

Most of Generation Z was in the digital worldin which she lives today, born into it. No previous generation handled digital media like smartphones and social mediaDefinition: What is social media? Social media are websites and apps on the Internet. Users can use these platforms to create content, share it with other people around the world and ... Read more experienced beforehand. While Internet, Instagram and InfluencerWhat is an influencer and what does he do? An influencer is a person. This is suitable because of its strong digital presence and its high reputation ... Read more are still uncharted territory for most baby boomers, Gen Z does not get up in the morning without looking at Instagram and WhatsApp. Gen Z is always on. Communication goes digital. While Generation Y was still looking up books, the younger generation researched with search engines or YouTube and reads in e-books. The digital lexicon always on men or women. Information is just a touch away. In addition, Gen Z is often referred to as Generation Voice designated.

How does Gen Z communicate?

"Hello! You, I just wanted to tell you something, but I'm in the car right now, so I'm sending you the voice message ... " What follows is another ten minutes of talk in which the sender is anything but short. A Voice message For Gen Z, sending is much more common than making a phone call. When it comes to copywriting, users often calm down shorter. With their extensive use of social media, Generation Z uses short and simple sentences. Emoticons give expression to the emotion. Status messages, memes or short videos via TikTok allow one-way communication every second. Writing handwritten letters is history. Even e-mails are mostly only written professionally.

Generation Z scores highly on transparency and sustainability

Influencers, reviews and the opinion of friends play a crucial role. When it comes to purchases, the Gen Z places more value on the sense than on material status. individuality and Self-determination distinguishes this generation. This is also reflected in consumer behavior. Does the target group identify with the brand, she wears them - but not at any cost. The philosophy of a company and its authenticity is crucial.

Classic advertising no longer appeals to the younger generation. Minimalism, social responsibility and the sustainability of a brand are trendy. Social media marketing with short, catchy content and useful content in the form of blogs and magazines remain important instruments in online marketing. Gen Z is open to new sales concepts. Provided the company creates one hundred percent transparency. Also the stationary trade is positively accepted by Gen Z. Because that Shopping experience plays an important role for them - whether digital or analog.

Marketing strategy for a conscious generation

The YouTube generation, as Gen Z is often called, will continue to pour into the market over the next few years. Your high purchasing power uses them very consciously. People shop on the Internet or in trendy stores. But not without first questioning the product. For example in terms of sustainability, the environment and social responsibility. The point is to acquire products that have a sustainable benefit for the consumer himself, but also for the environment. Greta Thunberg is one of the best-known representatives of Gen Z and has shaped it with Fridays for Future.

With transparency, know-how and individual products, companies can pick up this young target group. In other words: Gen Z is fed up with the excess of consumption. Marketers face the challenge of informing Gen Z with good content and standing out from the crowd of competitors.

What is the name of today's generation?

The next generation has been growing up since around 2012. This is called Generation Alpha and will be born until around 2025. A life without a smartphone, digital communication and online shopping will no longer be imaginable for these years. It remains to be seen what impact the permanent digital environment will have on young people.

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