What is a single moment in Australia

"It is important to really use every moment"

Sascha wrote:

"Before I left for Australia, of course, everything was very exciting and exciting. As far as the country itself is concerned, I didn't really have a lot of ideas apart from the fact that I had always imagined Australia to be a beautiful and diverse place.

I expected open people, but of course also that there would be hurdles to overcome.

It was different at my workplace. Several scenarios played out in my head before I started my journey. I imagined the whole thing to be very challenging and expected that it would not be easy to develop a certain position as an intern, especially as an internship abroad. Of course, I also expected that I would learn a lot and not only English but also a lot of subject-specific topics. I wanted to grow beyond myself and get to know my limits. Australia itself was and is just super beautiful.

My accommodation was wonderful and couldn't have been better. I was welcomed, part of the family, and still left enough privacy!

However, I imagined my internship to be a little different.

Now I am not in a position to evaluate this in the long term, but the company I worked for was a little different than expected. Shortly before I arrived, I heard, three employees had left the company in the last two months. This continued and in the course of the first month of my internship two more employees left the company, for reasons that are also understandable to me. So it happened that in the end only the 3 people and I were there.

My boss was often absent and when she did, it was mostly on the phone or in talks with customers - because she came late, there wasn't much time to talk to her. Assigned tasks were usually done quickly and I only had the opportunity to ask for more in some cases, because my boss was not present very often or because she was busy. Of course, this has not always been the case.

But the biggest problem was my actual work. So I was expecting an internship in the desired area of ​​PR, which rarely happened. Most of the time I spent designing or programming or filling websites with content, not because I wasn't trusted to do anything else, but simply because 90 percent of the time the company did it and actually had almost nothing to do with PR or marketing. In retrospect, this is a bit annoying because I wanted to use this internship to be clearer about my choice of study.

Apart from that, there were of course some nice moments. The remaining colleagues were very nice and the atmosphere was okay. Furthermore, I am grateful that my boss made some things possible for me, such as a cell phone, free visits to the gym or visits to the hairdresser.

My boss also assigned me a lot of tasks and thus placed her trust in me, which showed me that the good work was already valued.

I usually got up around 8 a.m. and after I got ready I went to the bus, which took me about 45 minutes to the city center. At work there were a few tasks that came up every day, these were usually completed in a short time. Afterwards there was sometimes more and sometimes less work. This included typical intern tasks such as posting news articles on websites, filling out address lists and the like. These tasks were of course less exciting, but of course had to be done as part of the job.

Due to the lack of employees, I also worked a lot in the backend of the website, designing and changing it, which was sometimes a bit difficult because I had no previous knowledge in this area and this was actually not the area for which I had started this internship.

I liked more customer discussions in which I was allowed to take part, especially those with a band that we might want to promote, which would have been more in line with my internship request, but unfortunately nothing came of this in the end.

Mostly I stayed voluntarily instead of 4:30 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. to fit in as part of the company.

In any case, I am now able to create web pages, fill them with text and edit them with images with Photoshop. Even if this was not part of my internship wish, it is by no means bad to have learned this. I also learned a lot about the online marketing industry and was able to internalize many technical terms so that I can keep up with technical discussions.

In general, the Australians are very nice and open. However, it is of course not always easy to make a lot of contacts without a language course or school attendance, especially if you work all day.

However, after the first month I was able to solve the "loneliness" problem more easily and met nice people. After this first step is done, you quickly get to know a lot of people :-)

Of course, I've also done a lot. I've made a lot of weekend trips, especially on long weekends I often flew to other cities, such as Melbourne or the capital Canberra. But there was always enough to do here during the week and at the weekend. The many beaches, countless bars or beautiful places where you can just sit for hours are by no means the only ones here. I rather avoided contact with other participants because I wanted to be “part of Sydney”, a resident like everyone else and not just want to meet other travelers.

It is almost impossible to enumerate the most beautiful moments, as there were innumerable. Every week, every weekend was a highlight in my free time!

I really enjoyed the support in Germany. I felt very well looked after at all times and always got very quick answers to every question. I didn't miss anything.

I can only say good things about the on-site support. I was able to contact the team on site at any time if necessary and all information was sent to me. However, I didn't want to make myself dependent on it and did more of my "own thing" so that on-site support was actually not really necessary on my part.

The stay abroad was the best decision of my life. I already have a few friends who asked: "Have you changed?", Answered with: "I haven't changed, I'm just more than before." :-) You really get to know yourself better. Of course you can too don't forget that my English has really improved a lot.

It is important to really use every moment, as the 6-8 months can pass you by very quickly. The whole trip is not only a huge opportunity, it can also become an experience of a lifetime. Even if it is difficult to get to know people at first, it is sometimes very interesting to do things that you would normally never do at home and maybe just start conversations with people who are sitting next to you in Darling Harbor, on the train or at the Opera House. :-)