Why is a broken mirror bad luck

Broken mirror - what to do

A broken mirror is popularly said to bring bad luck to the person responsible for the mishap for a full seven years. But what is it about this superstition?

Broken mirror - that's behind the myth

  • The belief that a broken mirror brings bad luck dates back to the time when mercury was used to make the mirror surface. This was released when the mirror broke into pieces and, in high concentrations, could actually cause long-term health effects. At that time, however, it was not possible for people to associate this with mercury. It was therefore believed in a kind of curse.
  • The fact that an exact and only reversed copy of the person appeared in the mirror was also a little creepy to people in earlier times. They believed in a kind of twin who hid behind the glass. A broken mirror injured the image and therefore swore its vengeance.
  • Nowadays there is no longer any mercury in mirrors and the reflection of the glass can also be explained rationally. A broken mirror doesn't need to scare you - it will just give you some work.

Dealing with broken mirror glass

A broken mirror should never be removed barefoot. Put on sturdy shoes to avoid injuring yourself if you step on a shard.

  1. First, carefully collect the larger pieces.
  2. Then you can remove the smaller splinters with the vacuum cleaner. Work over a larger area, because shards of mirror can scatter widely when broken.
  3. If there are shoes, food bowls or similar open objects near the broken mirror, carefully look in them to see if there are any splinters in them. Thoroughly vacuum these objects as well.
  4. The mirror shards should be shipped directly into the garbage cans. Otherwise there is a risk that you might still injure yourself on them or that the splinters could tear open the garbage bags and thus cause a minor or major mishap the next time you take out the garbage.

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