Why did you become a social worker

Would you like to become a social worker and know what you do as a social worker and in which professional fields you can work? Then you will find all information at a glance here.

What does a social worker do?

A social worker advises, encourages and looks after people in difficult life situations and helps them through everyday life. In the event of problems such as being overwhelmed with childcare, family quarrels or drug problems, he develops concepts and methods to help his clients out of the problem areas step by step. To do this, he needs know-how in psychology, pedagogy, social skills and a sure instinct. Because people who are under pressure often react unexpectedly and very emotionally.

The social worker does a large part of his work in direct contact with his clients. Discussions and planning are his main tasks. But he should also have organizational talent, because he manages the files of his clients and studies various methods to improve their living conditions.

How do I become a social worker?

You can obtain a degree as a social worker through a degree. It doesn't make much difference whether you are doing a full-time social work degree, distance learning social work degree or a part-time classroom study. In most courses, however, initial work experience or training in the social field is expected as a prerequisite. So if you want to become a social worker, graduate before you graduate Internships in social institutions.

After graduation, you usually have to do a Recognition year complete. This is a kind of practical training after studying social work and qualifies you for the profession of social worker. Depending on the degree, you have already completed the year of recognition during your studies through a practical semester or internships. Whether you need a year of recognition for work in the public service depends on the state. Every federal state has different regulations, so it is best to find out about them before starting your studies.

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Social work occupational fields

As a social worker, you can work in a wide variety of professional fields. On the one hand in the Civil Servicewhere you will also get paid under the public service collective agreement. On the other hand, you can also use the free economy find a job, for example as a personnel manager. The correctional facility is a special social work occupational field. There, social workers help inmates to find their way in everyday life outside of the prison and to return to a normal life.

Social work occupational fields include:

  • Youth Welfare Office
  • Advice centers
  • Youth and family aid
  • Juvenile prisons
  • Debt counseling
  • Day care
  • Addiction support
  • Health care institutions

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