How's a strip club

Strip club for beginners: this is how the sexy show works

What you always wanted to know about strip clubs, but haven't dared to ask: You will find out all of this here in this text.

It might not be as funny as in Woody Allen's film of almost the same name, but you should read carefully so as not to fall on your face at your bachelorette party when the mandatory strip club visit is coming up.

Because there is a lot to consider - starting with the selection of the strip club in a city (for example at the stag party in Prague) to the behavior in the respective establishment. Despite the permissive atmosphere, there are generally extremely strict rules on site.

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And if you don't stick to it, you'll find yourself in front of the door sooner than you can watch - and unfortunately you'll also miss the strip show.

So guys, take a few minutes and read the following tips carefully. Then it works with the sexy stripper too!

Table dance or strip club? You should know these different types

If you among your friends agree that you definitely want to spice up your bachelorette party with a little bare skin, then step 1 consists in deciding what kind of show it should be exactly.

Because there are small but subtle differences - and depending on the variant, you will see more or less skin:

1. Go-go: This is the most restrained execution of the provocative dance. Go-go dancers should primarily heat up the audience, but stimulate them less erotically. For example, they appear in discos.

2. Burlesque: You know the shows from films like "Moulin Rouge". The dancers wear provocative dresses and swing their legs - sometimes high enough to allow a millisecond glimpse under the skirts. Moving out is not planned. The shows should put the audience in a happy mood, nothing more.

3. Pole dance: The dancers move lasciviously and at the same time sportily on a pole and sometimes show artistic figures. Sometimes they are less clad than at go-go or burlesque, but here, too, the point is not to let go of the covers.

4. Lap dance: It is a kind of lap dance - which means: The dancer comes very close to one of you and sits on your lap during her strip show. Even if the proximity creates a particularly crackling atmosphere, restraint is the order of the day (see etiquette).

5. Table dance or strip show: That's probably what you want to see. The aim of the dance is to gradually let go of the covers. How many there are depends on what has been announced or booked. There are both topless shows and full shows. A strip show can also take place outside of a club, with our help you can even enjoy a show in a remote hut in the Allgäu.

Every beginning is difficult: this is how you can find a reputable strip club

You have probably already heard the violent stories: Sometimes it's about guests who were first lured into a strip club and then only let out for cash, sometimes about prices that were suddenly twice as high as mentioned at the beginning.

The red light scene not only has a dirty, but also a crook image. Besides a few black sheep, most of the strip clubs really value seriousness.

To be on the safe side, we clearly recommend that you get help with the strip club for your bachelorette party. Let professional providers like us take over the organization, for example if you are planning a stag party in Pilsen.

We only work with clubs that are reputable and have trustworthy management. We also know that girls' rights are respected. In addition, you are safe from nasty financial surprises with us - on the contrary: you even benefit in some cases from special conditions for show and drink prices that we have negotiated with the clubs.

Don't just sit around: buy shows or drinks

A strip club is not a station lobby where you just sit down and watch the scenery. This is about business. If you go to a strip club with us from Pissup, certain shows and some drinks are generally included.

In addition, it is up to you - and is expected of you as guests - to buy dances or private shows or at least something to drink (and we're not talking about tap water).

If a dancer comes up to you, then you are not bored and she wants to talk, but expects you to be invited to a drink and to ask that she may dance for you.

Strip Club Etiquette: Be respectful of the ladies

If you go to a strip club, dress like you would go to a good disco. Your outfit should be well-groomed, although in most cases at least jeans and a shirt with a jacket will do.

Out of respect for the ladies who dance for you, you shouldn't come sweaty or with an alcohol streak. A little deodorant really makes the dancer's job easier.

In general, you should pay attention to your manners. Remember, you are dealing with women - and you normally show them respect. So do the same in the strip club!

One more word on the subject of alcohol: Yes, you're on your bachelorette party, and yes, you want to have a drink there too. But please drink in moderation - even in the club. If you overdo it, the show can end faster than you would like. And that would be a shame.

Just look, don't touch: These are the most important rules of behavior in the strip club

This brings us to a tricky point: the rules. It is important to note that you are not in a brothel. The ladies dance for you, but that's all there is to it! What else needs to be considered - here is a brief overview:

1. Hands off the ladies: The old motto “just look, don't touch” applies not only in museums, but also in strip clubs. So your hands have nothing to do with the dancer's body. Never forget that it is she who decides how close you get. If she puts your hand on her body during a lap dance, it stays right there - and does not slide down to other places!

2. Stay dry: You know what we mean by that. No matter how hot the show is, it's important that you have your best part under control. Not only is it extremely embarrassing for you if your pants suddenly get wet. Also, no stripper likes to feel during a lap dance that the guy she is sitting on is coming.

3. You keep the pants on: Should be logical, but professional dancers keep telling the wildest stories that customers suddenly unpack their best pieces. This is absurd - so stay decent!

Applause, applause - or would you prefer a tip? That is the wages of the work

When the show is over, you should thank the dancer. That can actually happen in a few words, for example with a sentence like "Thank you, we really liked the show". You shouldn't applaud heavily - that sounds childish. You don't want to look like you're in a strip club for the first time (even if it's true).

It is important to know that the dancer expects you to tip. Of course, we're not talking about the 50-cent coin or the 50-euro note. 5 euro bills or 10 euros are common - and you usually put them on the side (!) Of the panties or, if the dancer allows you, in the cleavage. Experienced visitors also know that the bills should not be rolled. Just plug it in. Finished.

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Written by Mads Thorsdal