What technology will GPS replace

Cannot be replaced by navigation systems and GPS

When the field jury of the Altlandkreis Mellrichstadt meet for their annual meeting, it is not just a working session, but they spend the whole Sunday together. The venue this year was the Besengau-Scheuer in Bastheim. However, the day began with a church parade and a service with Pastor Thomas Menzel. After the morning pint and lunch together, it went on to the official part, for which representatives of the municipalities, District Administrator Thomas Habermann and representatives of the authorities also came.

District chairman Günter Langenbrunner was pleased that the annual meeting of the field jury was musically framed by the Reyersbach band. His thanks went to everyone who made themselves available to the general public in this honorary position.

The community of Bastheim was represented by the deputy mayor Werner Fuchs. He paid respect and esteem to the field jury, who would be distinguished by righteousness and honesty. "Do right and don't be afraid of anyone", this motto of the field jury is still valid today. "Field jury members are righteous people who fearlessly stand up for justice. A Hallodri would never be elected to this office."

Necessary and indispensable

District Administrator Thomas Habermann thanked the representatives of the authorities, stewards and all active field jury members for their commitment in the communities and for passing on and reproducing their wealth of experience. "The sevens cannot be replaced by navigation systems and GPS. Your experience and knowledge cannot be replaced by the machine," he emphasized. The field jury is necessary and indispensable, especially in the historical property situation in Lower Franconia.

The district administrator also spoke about changes in agriculture and forestry, praised the successful forest land consolidation in Reyersbach and Rödles and went into the tasks of the district in terms of nature and environmental protection, whether it was the leasing of land or the maintenance of the greenery along the road 244 hectares. Not only agriculture, but also the district, the municipalities and private owners are responsible for ecological diversity and flowering areas. "Not every edge strip has to look like a golf lawn," said Habermann in favor of rethinking aesthetic awareness. "Let the grass grow tall and bloom."


It was the responsibility of the district administrator to award long-term field juries for their work with a certificate of honor from the Free State of Bavaria. For 25 years have been honored: Wolf Pittorf, Willi Rothhaupt, Rudolf Scheidler and Manfred Tobisch (all Willmars) as well as Gebhard Will (Bahra). The award for 40 years went to Edmund Bach (Hendungen), Alfred Bauß (Stetten), Helmut Blümm (Wechterswinkel), Otto Leeb (Roßrieth), Karl Lörzer (Filke), Walter Schnupp (Ostheim). Max Mack (Mellrichstadt) has been a field jury member for 50 years.

Matthias Wetzel (Rüdenschrecken), Heribert Gensler (Wechterswinkel), Andre Euring (Oberstreu), Maximilian Krimm (Roßrieth) and Benno Müller (Frickenhausen) were sworn in. The district administrator obliged them to maintain secrecy and to respect the "Seven Secret".

The oldest honorary office in Bavaria

Greetings were given by the representatives of the land surveying office, the office for rural development, the office for food, agriculture and forestry and the farmers' association. It covered a variety of topics from forest pests to wolves and the preservation of the ecosystem. Of course, they all also addressed the importance of Bavaria's oldest honorary office, which has been handed down from the 13th century. There are currently 24,000 field jury members in Bavaria, 15,000 of them in francs alone. As guardians of the borders, field jury members are an integral part of Franconian culture.

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