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On this page you will find an introduction to the four provinces that you can choose between in our program, so that you get an insight into Canada and it is easier for you to decide which province to go to afterwards.
You can find out more about British Columbia, the province on the west coast of Canada, about Manitoba, the province in the south-center of Canada, about Ontario, the province west of Manitoba, and Québec, the province in eastern Canada.

British Columbia (BC) stands out above all for its landscape: coast, fjords, the Rocky Mountains, many rivers and forests, as well as several islands, such as Vancouver Island. Accordingly, numerous winter sports and water sports are offered. There are also many activities to try out, such as a ride in the world record Peak-2-Peak gondola between the peaks of Whistler and Blackcomb, a visit to Hot Springs Cove by seaplane, the longest simulation flight in the world (FlyOver Canada) or the Whistler Superfly zip lines. As an animal lover, whale watching, for example at the Pacific Rim Whale Festival, and a visit to the national park are a must. BC is characterized by a diverse fauna: beavers, reindeer, elk, bison, elk, wolves, grizzly bears, pumas, orcas and the kermode bears, also known as ghost bears, which only occur in the region. For the culture lovers among you there are many traditional festivals to visit, for example the “Nanaimo Marine Festival”, the “Bulkley Valley Exhibition” and the “Kamloopa Pow Wow”.

Manitoba is the perfect province for sports and nature enthusiasts. The region is characterized by national parks, forests, rivers and beaches on Hudson Bay. There is also the Great White Bears Tour, where you have the chance to watch polar bears. You can also spot seals, beluga whales, black bears, moose, bobcats and many other animals on your adventure tours. The Whiteshell Provincial Park, which is also great for hiking and mountain biking, is very popular. For other sports activities, the many golf courses are recommended, the lake district of the Nopiming Provincial Park for a canoe tour and an ice-skating track of 7.5 km in the important meeting point "The Forks". There is also a market and several National Historic Sites. A must see are the northern lights, which can be admired high up in the country. Traditional celebrations and festivals include “Islendingadagurinn” and the “Northern Manitoba Trappers‘ Festival ”.

Ontario is characterized by beaches, national parks, as well as swampy and forested lowlands. The province is particularly rich in water. There are around 250,000 lakes and rivers on which canoe trips take place, most of which are combined with camping. On the tours you can watch moose, bears and beavers, among other things. A very special highlight in Ontario is the Monarch Butterfly, as thousands of people stop there before moving on to Mexico. A must-see stop during your stay is Toronto, the most populous city in Canada. There is the Ripley’s Aquarium of Canada, the Hockey Hall of Fame and the Toronto Island Park. Canada's Wonderland with Canada's highest and fastest roller coaster is particularly suitable for adrenaline junkies. A large water park is also part of Wonderland. The must-see in the province is Niagara Falls, where there are many different activities for you to discover. The "Maple Syrup Festival" is also worth experiencing, where there is a lot to eat with maple syrup.

Québec is the largest province in Canada and the only one that is multilingual (English and French). Here you have the opportunity to choose between a mono- and a bilingual everyday life. The landscape is mainly characterized by beaches, forests, the tundra, the taiga, fjords, lakes and rivers as well as national parks. Wolves, black bears, beluga whales and twelve other whale species often live in these places. This creates an unforgettable outdoor paradise. We highly recommend whale watching, camping, kayaking and canoeing, dog sledding, snowshoeing, ice fishing and a visit to the land of the Atikamekw to learn about indigenous culture. Also not to be missed are the “Festival d’Été de Québec” and the “Maple Syrup Festival”, which has its origins here.

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