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Gender equitable language at universities: reactionary rascals

The German Language Association is looking for students who want to sue their universities. The reason: guidelines on gender-sensitive language.

A matter of course for many students: gender-equitable language Photo: ap

The self-appointed language protectors (including men) are ranting again: At the beginning of the semester, the so-called Association of German Language distributed leaflets to universities with the red heading “Brave students wanted!”

On the pamphlet with the black, red and gold logo, the association is looking for “students who are ready to take legal action against illegal language police gender rules at their universities”. So you want to sue universities if they graduate work that does not use gender-sensitive language. The association offers legal and linguistic support, including process costs.

The focus of the campaign is on universities in Greifswald, Cologne, Frankfurt and Berlin, where there are "particularly directing interventions". Teachers from these universities disagree. For example, at the theological faculty in Greifswald, “teachers” is also permitted - the form that the association uses on the leaflet. It is doubtful that there are any cases in which work written in the generic masculine word was devalued. The German Language Association probably doesn't care.

Despite all this, he calls his own leaflet campaign on the club's website “spectacular”. If you want to shudder, you should definitely stop by - it was only Halloween. A day on which, according to "Übermedien", the association is not at all good: not because of objections critical of capitalism, but simply because German children should rather play with leaves and lanterns on good old Martin's Day than with pumpkins on October 31st.

What the fuck?!

But back to the topic: What the reactionary rascals are doing is on the one hand insanely boring because it is transparent. Still, such calls are dangerous.

Because the club isn't as marginalized as you might think. Because insane appeals sound like it's all just joke, while actions against gender-equitable language legitimize a patriarchal system that is supported by language. Because he provides the basic noise that demonizes feminism and the fight for gender equality and allows the AfD to move into parliaments.

Actually you can only say one thing to this lame club, which incidentally does not find Anglicisms so nice either: wtf. Or, for older club members, in the name of age justice: What the fuck ?!