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How does GPS accuracy in battery mode affect the recording of my workout?

The GPS accuracy determines the time intervals at which your watch carries out a GPS position determination. The higher the location frequency, the shorter the interval between location fixes and the more accurate your route. Each GPS fix is ​​recorded in the log file of your exercise.

However, GPS accuracy has a direct impact on battery life. If you reduce the GPS accuracy, the battery life of your watch will automatically increase.

You can choose from the following options for GPS accuracy:

  • Best: GPS location determination approx. 1 second each
  • Good: GPS location determination approx. 60 seconds each
  • OK: GPS location determination approx. 120 seconds each

This means that your watch will perform GPS positioning with GPS accuracy best every second. With GPS accuracy Good, your watch only determines its location every 60 seconds and, with OK, only every 120 seconds. Your watch will not receive any GPS position information in the period between these position fixes.

To improve the recording accuracy in the GPS settings Good or OK for running or trail running training, the Suunto 9 uses FusedTrackTM. FusedTrackTM is active in the background and records your movements between GPS fixes using motion sensors built into the watch. This allows for a more accurate record of your runs.

Note: FusedTrackTM is only available in the running and trail running sport modes, and is activated in the GPS accuracy Good and OK in the battery modes Endurance, Ultra and Custom.

Note: FusedTrackTM is only available in Suunto 9 collection watches.