Why are there lips

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People lips

They hurt if you accidentally bite into them. They dry out quickly in winter. But with them you will also feel your first kiss.

The talk is of your lips!

But have you ever wondered why people have lips? Here comes the answer:

Lips are vital

Two reflexes are crucial for babies: As soon as the cheek is touched, it sets Search reflex a. Babies intuitively search for their mother's breast with their lips.

As soon as the lips feel a touch, babies begin to suckle (Suction reflex). This reflex is innate - and ensures that you drink the vital breast milk.

It is only thanks to your lips that you can feed yourself as a baby.

For the diversity of the language

Lips are crucial for speaking. Without it, you would not be able to form many human sounds. You can only say P, B and M with your lips closed. For an F, slide your lower lip under your upper front teeth.

Without lips, you wouldn't be able to communicate with so many different sounds.

The key to love

The lips are one of the most sensitive parts of your body. A study - carried out with American college students - found: Whether a kiss is perceived as good depends not only on the touch, but also on the smell and taste.

The scientists found that the quality of the kiss determines whether two people will later have sex. About 60 percent of those surveyed said they were no longer interested after their first bad kiss.

Your lips decide which partner you get intimate with.