How do I become a consultant

Advice & Consulting: Stand out from the crowd

“Make yourself self-employed - for example as a consultant.” This advice is often given by career consultants to men and women with professional experience who are already unemployed or who are threatened with this fate. But be careful! This step needs to be well thought out. Because the consulting market is also hotly contested - especially because the number of consultants is increasing and increasing.

More and more men and women are offering their advisory services to other people and companies - for example as:

  • Management consultant
  • Sales consultant
  • IT consultant
  • Career advisor
  • Financial advisor
  • Couple counselor

Then there are the relatives of the classic consulting professions how

  • Lawyers,
  • tax consultant
  • and auditors,

which is why the question increasingly arises: Who should buy all of these consulting services?

EXTRA: What can I ask for as a consultant?

The number of consultants will continue to increase

This prognosis is not risky - not only because many working people, who have lost their jobs in the course of the current downsizing in many companies, decide to take this step due to a lack of professional alternative. In addition: the money in this market, a widespread misconception, is apparently on the street. At the same time they are Barriers to entry into this profession are mostly low.

A computer and a corner in the living room at home are often sufficient and the person concerned can write “advisor” on their business card.

The real difficulties usually only begin after the step into self-employment. Then some "young consultants" are shocked to discover:

Hell, there are thousands of competitors offering similar services.

And when I call companies, I always hear: No need! Accordingly, many consultants quickly disappeared from the market because they couldn't find the customers they needed.

8 tips for unique consultants

Here are some tips on what you - in addition to the necessary professional competence - for a successful existence as a consultant need.

  1. A recognizable specialization
  2. A clear profile
  3. A well-defined target group
  4. A loot scheme
  5. Developed products
  6. Two, three "shop window products"
  7. A marketing and sales strategy
  8. Perseverance, tenacity and patience
Bernhard Kuntz (born 1958) is the owner of the PR and editorial office Die ProfilBerater. He specializes in marketing and sales as well as human resources and corporate management. He is the author of the educational and consulting marketing books “Selling the Cat in a Sack” (2005) and “Fette Beute für Trainer und Beratung” (2006). He also published the PR guide for service providers and consultants "Why does everyone know him?" (2008) and "With PR to catch customers" (2010).