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French women: That's why women from France always look good

If we had to choose a type of woman who is one of the most beautiful in its overall appearance, then it would be the French women. The women from France seem unreachable not only when it comes to styling, but also when it comes to their flawless skin, their iconic hair or their slim silhouette true style role models. But what do Jeanne Damas, Camille Charriere and Co. do that they really look good at all times? We went in search of the secret of her beauty and found out what they do differently than many other women in the following five points.

1. A healthy approach to food

Even if one might think, based on the narrow silhouettes, that French women really count every calorie a day and save the most delicious dishes from their mouths, this is a mistake. In contrast to many other women, they have a healthy body awareness and are not too influenced by prevailing ideals of beauty. Of course, that doesn't mean they are stuffing themselves with the sweetest and greasiest dishes, but at the same time they don't think very much about diets or low carb either. On the other hand, enjoyment is right at the top of their agenda and they feel it with a self-cooked meal made from fresh ingredients or a visit to the bistro they trust. 😋

2. Shopping system

When it's on sale, just go shopping? Not with the women from France. They owe their inimitable style to a sophisticated shopping system. While we - especially when clothes, jeans and shoes are reduced at ZARA, H&M and Co. - like to go overboard and treat ourselves to one or the other item that only takes up space in the closet and what we don't wear anyway , French bloggers, actresses and models shop much more specifically. Your wardrobe consists more of basics and timeless classics and less of ephemeral trend pieces, so you only buy the clothes that you really need. This not only saves you a lot of money, which you can put in high-quality pieces, your wardrobe is also significantly reduced, so that you have no problems putting together the perfect outfit. 🛍

3. The right attitude towards life

Here is an appointment, there is an important meeting and a visit to the in-laws is just around the corner ... While we would be on the verge of a nervous breakdown, the ladies from France are taking things a little more relaxed. They take the time they need and do not allow themselves to be influenced by social pressure. If you are facing a stressful day, treat yourself to a relaxed breakfast in the morning or calm down with a small meditation session. This serenity also affects her unique charisma and her perfect complexion, since signs of aging such as wrinkles and dark circles do not adorn the face so early.

4. A perfect beauty routine

A flawless complexion and the typical French chic hairstyle - when you see French women, you might think that they stand in front of the mirror for at least an hour every morning, no matter how perfectly imperfect this look appears. But when it comes to their beauty routine, they tend to swear by the motto "less is more" and so it happens that both their skin and hair care products are limited to a maximum of five treatments. Instead of using too much make-up or an unusual hair color, they prefer to use naturalness. Just a tinted day care, a mascara, a lipstick in a natural shade and a little blush for the face, as well as a portion of hairspray for the mane, voilà, the typical French look is ready. 💕

5. A helping of healthy self-confidence

What makes a woman irresistible? Exactly, a helping of healthy self-confidence! And French women have a lot of that. This is not only due to their relaxed approach to life, they also have no illusions. The ladies from Paris, Lyon and Co. know that they are not perfect and that doesn't bother in the least. On the contrary; they use their supposed flaws for themselves. This makes them less vulnerable and allows them to present themselves confidently on the streets and Instagram, while stupid comments about their appearance or style (which they do not hear very often) do not harm them. The name likepouvoir des femmes! 💪🏻

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