Why was Johnny Cash arrested

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Johnny Cash, the Man in Black, may have maintained a bad boy / outlaw image, but never served a prison term. Apart from minor offenses that put him briefly behind bars seven times, no stay lasted longer than one night. His most notorious encounter with the law came during his tour in 1965 when he was arrested in El Paso, Texas.

51 years ago today, on October 5th, Cash crossed the Mexican border in El Paso, but was detained by customs officers because there were hundreds of pills in his guitar case. Cash was initially thought to be smuggling heroin out of Mexico, but it soon turned out to be 688 Dexedrine and 475 Equanil tablets. After spending a night in jail, he was sentenced to $ 1,000 and a 30-day suspended sentence for being prescription drugs rather than illegal drugs.

Cash's best-selling and legendary records include the two live albums he recorded in prisons,Johnny Cash at Folsom Prison,1968 (sold over 6 million times) andJohnny Cash at San Quentinin 1969 (the album stayed at # 1 on the country charts for 20 weeks and at # 1 on the pop charts for four weeks). During the recordings too Folsom Prison Cash explained to the inmates "This show is being recorded for an album release on Columbia Records and you can’t say 'hell' or 'shit' or anything like that." ("This concert is being recorded for an album on Columbia Records, so don't say 'hell' or 'shit' or anything like that."), Which is also heard on the album. During his career, Cash appeared several times in penal institutions, the first time on January 1, 1958, also in San Quentin, where he was then the inmate and later country star Merle Haggard saw, then still 20 years young. Commenting on his prison debut appearance, Haggard said, “He had the right attitude. He chewed gum, looked arrogant and fingered the guards - he did everything the inmates would have liked to have done. [...] When he left, everyone there became a Johnny Cash fan. "

Listen to Johnny Cash's album here At Folsom Prison - Live at: