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Learn to innovate and work together, have fun ... Seriously?

Do you think it is impossible to create a team spirit, achieve excellence within a team, have fun? Not correct! It is possible and you can do it for your own team! Our “Team Building inside” collection will prove it to you! Discover energizing and playful activities that will help you create and live the team spirit

With our team building company we created the first adventure park ever in Romania, completed with our own hands and for the public in July 2006, we organize dozens of team building events for hundreds of participants for groups from 7 to 500 people, aimed at both adults and young people.

We want ours Knowledge and helpful professional tips share with you to help you grow your team cost-effectively. You will experience activities that stimulate and encourage participants to show their skills and develop the joy of working together.

N ° 3 - project management and innovation

In this third edition you will find 4 team building activities to improve project management in all its dimensions: creativity, innovation, resource and time management, distribution of tasks. You will find a stimulating activity that is ALWAYS very successful: "the catapult" plan included.

What do you find in this “team building inside”?

- 4 energizing and «playful» activities

- «pictoskills» emphasizes icons with specific skills within each activity

- 20+ photos showing the activities

- Detailed description, required material and all necessary phases in order to organize and follow up the organization more easily

- Our pro tips downloadable resources

So what? Are you ready for the team spirit of creating and experiencing? Yes?
Come on!

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Cristina & Olivier Rebiere

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